Peter Frampton throws front row fan’s cell phone during concert

If you get front row seats to see a guitar god, don’t be an idiot by holding a phone up in front of your face. One fan at a Peter Frampton concert learned that the hard way at Frampton’s Carmel, Indiana show Sunday.

The incident was recounted in a review by Jeff Davis, who wrote glowingly about Frampton’s performance and how he even talked about stealing a guitar from George Harrison. That’s a cool story, but not as cool as what Davis wrote about in his last paragraphs.

Davis wrote that Frampton’s team specifically told the audience not to use flash photography or film the concert with their phones, all standard procedure for shows. But one person in the front row clearly cared more about getting pictures than actually seeing Frampton.

The “Baby I Love Your Way” singer had enough and grabbed the phone right out of the person’s hand and threw it. The audience applauded and Frampton never missed a chord.

According to the Tennessean, Frampton has endorsed the review, even posting it on his>Facebook page. “Many thanks to the eyewitnesses who came forward to explain how annoying, ‘Team Distraction’ actually were,” Frampton wrote. “And not just to me but everyone arm round them.”

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