‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: ‘Monstrous’

Kira is a badass

A surprising number of bad things happen on the Beacon Hills high school lacrosse field. This time, there are some more assassins out for Brett’s blood. But Kira is not about to let that happen. She jumps right in and saves him by slashing incoming arrows with her sword—how cool is that? She and Scott hide Brett and the rest of Satomi’s pack in Chris’ abandoned warehouse. Though as Chris points out, none of them are really safe there, including Scott.

Stiles has a concussion

Brunski must have hit Stiles in the head pretty hard, because he has a concussion and Mama McCall won’t let him leave until he’s been checked out. Stiles agrees, but his one stipulation is that she find him a cassette tape player. Instead, she finds Malia. If anyone is keeping track, Stiles and Malia have finally made up. Apparently all it took was Melissa locking these two into Stiles’ hospital room until they worked out their issues. So simple.

He and Malia play the tape over and over and finally figure out that what happened to Lydia’s grandmother, didn’t happen at Eichen. Turns out Lorraine predicted all the deaths on the dead pool, but there was something at the lake house that could stop it.

The record player is a bust, but Malia insists she can still hear something running even when they’ve turned it off, so naturally they pull the cord, ripping out part of Lydia’s wall to get at what’s behind it. Wasn’t Lydia’s family going to try to sell this house? Hopefully whatever is behind this wall is worth it. And it might be, considering it’s The dead pool, with a capital “T.”

After a lot of smashing and destroying of property, they find the key to turn off the dead pool, calling off the attack that’s taking place at Chris’ warehouse.

Derek gives a speech

Before the fight, Derek finally gives the awe-inspiring speech we’ve been waiting for. He insists that when these assassins come, they’re going to send a message not to mess with the supernatural of Beacon Hills. And if they do, he says, “They get to be a name on our dead pool.” It’s a nice sentiment, and Braeden’s perfectly timed gun cock punctuates the intense moment, but it doesn’t exactly hold up when they’re actually faced with swat team-esque assailants.

Scott goes full-out wolf

This episode is all about dealing with your inner nature and not letting the viciousness or corruption or whatever people think is at the heart of human nature, take control. So when Scott loses himself and we see him go full-out wolf, it was possibly the most terrifying thing on Teen Wolf this season, and that’s saying something. Not only was it frightening visually, it was that split second of thinking, “If Scott succumbs to his inner monster then truly none of us are safe.” He was able to reign himself in this time, but the knowledge that he can get to that place remains.

Peter remembers

Peter is the only person that Meredith wants to talk to, which works out well because no one else really wants to speak with him. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track, but these two have, in fact, met before, only Peter doesn’t remember. We all know Peter doesn’t do well with not knowing things, so of course he decides to take her memories by force.

Back in the day, Meredith and Peter were in the same room in the hospital; both in comas, they somehow were on the same brain wavelength. So poor Meredith had to listen to everything swirling around in Peter’s head. All his thoughts of revenge and his master plan to eradicate the supernatural and recreate them in his own image (aka the dead pool). Talk about a God complex. It’s what we were all waiting for—Peter’s comeback. He’s been relatively harmless recently because he’s been missing memories—these specific memories—but this guy seriously needs to die. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to charge him, considering the supernatural elements involved, and the Sheriff is forced to let him go.

Our pack is safe for now, and Peter is off the hook again, even though he and Kate are apparently in cahoots to murder Scott. The “why” of that is still unclear, considering he’s the one that made Scott into a werewolf in the first place.

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