Top 10 Amy Winehouse songs

August 22 12:56 2014

The incredibly talented Amy Winhouse was found dead in her home three years ago and in the years since, her music has been celebrated for its unique style that no one else could replicate. News broke today that a bronze statue would be erected in her honor titled Amy in Camden, England.

Winehouse died tragically at the age of 27 due to alcohol poisoning and her music soared to the top of the charts in memoriam. Winehouse on five Grammy’s in 2008 for her album Back to Black and made history as the first British woman to do so.

Her music is labeled as a mix of genres from blues to rhythm and blues to jazz and also reggae. With the future of Amy Winehouse being forever remembered in England, it only seems fitting to take a step back and re-look and listen to some of her best numbers including hits such as ‘Back to Black’ and ‘Rehab’.

In no particular order I present the top 10 Amy Winehouse songs.

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[ new page = 10. You Know I’m No Good ]

10. You Know I’m No Good

Winehouse delivers a great performance highlighting a woman’s power over men and switches the bad boy stereotype to make being the bad girl seem like fun.

[ new page = 9. Tears Dry On Their Own ]

9. Tears Dry On Their Own

The story of the girl growing past her breakup and taking control of herself is one us girls should always remember.

[ new page = 8. Love Is A Losing Game ]

8. Love Is A Losing Game

The popular track has been covered by numerous artists including Prince and the lyrics could make anyone look back on their past hearbreaks and wonder why they bothered in the first place.

[ new page = 7. Just Friends ]

7. Just Friends

The typical story of sexual tension between buddies as told by Amy Winehouse.

[ new page = 6. In My Bed ]

6. In My Bed

One of her first standouts features a Winehouse with less poof in the hair but delivers the same punch of power.

[ new page = 5. You Sent Me Flying ]

5. You Sent Me Flying

“And although my pride is not easily disturbed, You sent me flying when you kick-kicked me to the curb”

Sometimes the guys do win and us ladies just have to deal with it.

[ new page = 4. Stronger Than Me ]

4. Stronger Than Me

Amy Winehouse teaches everyone a lesson with this hit and it is boys, please don’t make us feel bad if you can’t keep up with us.

[ new page = 3. Back to Black ]

3. Back to Black

Perhaps one of Winehouse’s largest successes ever is this single as it may be one of the first mentioned songs when the name ‘Amy Winehouse’ comes up in conversation. Sing it girl and I’ll mouth along.

[ new page = 2. Valerie ]

2. Valerie

It is impossible to not get up and dance during this number as Winehouse knocks it out of the park.

[ new page = 1. Rehab ]

1. Rehab

It’s he song that sent Amy Winehouse skyrocketing into fame. This single became a top hit and it was impossible to get out of your head for days.



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