Top 10 Billy Bob Thornton films

August 04 17:38 2014
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William Robert Thornton was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas on August 4, 1955. Today he is turning 59 years old. He has three younger brothers, James Donald, James Bean, and John David. Over his lifetime, he has been married to five different women having a total of four children – two girls and two boys.

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Billy Bob was always destined to entertain beginning his career as a musician. He was the drummer and singing for a band called Tres Hombres. In 1981, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and writing. To make some money on the side he also continued singing and drumming at certain events.

After years of trial and error, Billy Bob and childhood friend Tom Epperson got their big break in 1992 when Billy Bob starred in One False Move (1992), a movie he co-wrote with Epperson. This was a big reason why the team began receiving national attention. He was on the upward slope increasing his popularity every day. In 1996 he wrote, directed and starred in the film Sling Blade which would put him on the map for good.

[new page = Honorable Mention: Fargo, 2014]

This was a TV mini-series on FX in 2014. He played the murderous villain in the film and did a very good job. He doesn’t say much but is very smooth and evil through his actions. This is a very intimidating character of his and the entire series received a lot of national acclaim.

[new page = 10. Bad News Bears, 2005]

This is a very funny and vulgar film about a man who ends up coaching little league. The meaningful aspect of the film is that Billy Bob Thornton, the coach, needs the kids as much as they need him, if not more. Billy Bob brought back his mindset from Bad Santa for this film and he did a pretty good job.

[new page = 9. Eagle Eye, 2008]

Billy Bob is convincing as an officer of the law in this film. He is continually pushing himself to succeed and it shows through the character. His best scene in the film however comes when he sacrifices himself for the great or good.
[new page = 8. One False Move, 1992]

One of Billy Bob’s first films in which he starred in and co-wrote. This is the film to put him on the map. It is an intense film with a lot of violence. The entire cast has very good chemistry and overall the outcome was rather impressive.

[new page = 7. Chrystal, 2004]

This is an intense and inspiring movie. It is about a man looking for a second chance. Billy Bob changes dramatically throughout the film from being calm to getting carried away. He is very believable as a broken man with a painful background.

[new page = 6. Monster’s Ball, 2001]

This film has a very good cast. Billy Bob and Heath Ledger have great chemistry and Halle Berry give one of her better performances. It is very interesting to see all the characters changing throughout the film especially Billy Bob’s transformation. Overall he does a great job with this character.

[new page = 5. Faster, 2010]

This film has a few twists and turns but is very intense. There are small details throughout the film that can give away the ending. With that said, there is a big shock at the end and the entire film comes full circle. At one point it is hard to figure out what Billy Bob’s motives are but at the end everything comes together.

[new page = 4. Friday Night Lights, 2004]

Billy Bob plays the high school football coach of a very serious football town. He has the job of not only getting the kids ready to play football, but also shaping them into men. He is inspiring in this role and unlike most of his film is a very good role model to look up to. That is what makes this one of his better films, his ability to dramatically change his typical character.

[new page = 3. A Simple Plan, 1998]

Once again Billy Bob completely transforms himself for a role. He is different than almost every other film and does a great job. The three main characters have great chemistry and the entire film comes full circle at the end. Overall this is one of his more balanced films throughout.

[new page = 2. Bad Santa, 2003]

This film is hilarious. Billy Bob holds nothing back in this vulgar comedy about Christmas. Much like Bad News Bears this film is about a man who needs innocence as much as the innocence needs him. Either this movie will offend you or make you laugh out loud, either way, it did its job.

[new page = 1. Sling Blade, 1996]

Billy Bob Thornton stars in, co-wrote and directed this film. It is also one of his best performances as an actor. He completely transforms himself to the point where he is unrecognizable. The character is very believable and very intense. It is easy to forget or no even realize that the starring role is Billy Bob Thornton. That’s what makes this such an impressive performance.

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