Top 10 Coldplay music videos

Coldplay has been together for over 14 years and since their debut album was released in 2000, they have put out many different music videos to go along with their music. Consisting of lead singer Chris Martin and band members Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion, the band has achieved great success with every album they have released.

Not only are the songs beautiful and catchy, but the band has been very creative with the videos they released to go along with their songs. With every video, the band has a story that takes center stage, as the stories help to bring the songs to life.

Whether being part of a performance or showing the band in just one area, Coldplay manages to breathe life into their videos through energetic movements, stirring guitar solos, and amazing imagery that captures viewers’ attentions. is looking back at some of the top ten music videos created by Coldplay. What are your favorite music videos?

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10. Lost

The video for the song “Lost” actually takes place during a life performance by the band. Showcasing the entire band as they play, we also see and hear the audience singing along with the song. Chris Martin gets very energetic during his performance and it is fun to see the band having fun and playing music.

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9. Violet Hill

In this video, the band is seeing performing in front of a huge mansion. The song almost takes on a sepia appearance as the video alternates between showing them on the steps of the mansion and walking along a hilltop.

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8. In My Place

For this video, the band took a simple approach, showing them members in an empty complex as they perform this song. The subtle color of the room and atmosphere makes this video very nice and understated, just capturing the essence of the song and performance.

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7. The Scientist

The song begins with a close up of Chris Martin’s face as he lies on an air mattress. Eventually, the camera pans to show he is outside and he travels backwards through the streets as he prepares to go backwards in time. The song is hauntingly beautiful in itself, but the video also places everyone in rewind, telling the story from the end all the way back to the beginning.

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6. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

This video is pretty cool as it shows a bunch of painting and artwork being sprawled across concrete buildings as the band performs. It is a creative video that gives off an energetic vibe. The cool part of the video comes when the band is placed in a dark room where the paint glows in the dark around them.

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5. Trouble

For “Trouble,” the band’s video looks almost like a pop up story book, with Martin surrounded by the image of leaves and a field that take on an animated special effect. The band is then seen being driven through a field by a horse. The effects for this video are really neat to watch.

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4. Paradise

The video for “Paradise” is a very interesting concept with an elephant escaping from an enclosure. The elephant proceeds to make her way through the city, taking a bicycle to the subway, and going into a bike shop for a unicycle. The video also presents the opening sequence as if it is a real movie and it is neat to watch.

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3. Fix You

Beginning with a nighttime look as Chris Martin sits in an alley, we watch as he walks along the road, taking on a somber appearance as he sings the beautiful lyrics. The video alternates between watching him walk through a dark street and in a lit up area near the alley before he begins running to meet up with his band during a concert.

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2. Life In Technicolor II

This video begins with a gathering of adults and children who are watching a puppet show. Soon, the band appears as puppets as a little girl holds a book about Coldplay. The adults and children watch in confusion and curiosity as the puppets, taking on the appearance as both the band and crew, perform. An interesting concept for a video, this tops our list as one of the band’s creative videos that they have put out for fans.

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1. Viva La Vida

The video for this song begins with a rose opening up before we see Chris Martin singing, with an image of cracks in pavement put up as a backdrop. The video has amazing imagery and the glow in the lighting gives this video a neat and interesting appearance. Eventually, the background goes from having a golden glow to a purple color as well.

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