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If it seems like nearly every comedian has their own podcast, it’s because nearly all of them do. They’re easy to produce, provide content freedom, and are able to be consumed the way we like everything to be these days: on demand. Plus, it just makes good business sense for them. It helps increase public awareness, puts butts in the seats at live shows, and brings in some ad revenue, which doesn’t hurt. Other than when they’re gracing the stages of clubs and theaters across the country, most comedians are at their best when they’re able to just riff conversationally in front of a microphone with their comedian friends. Some cater to fans of improv, some attempt to dissect the mechanics and history of comedy and showbiz, while others are dedicated to simply letting conversation flow where it may. Regardless, here is a list of the best the comedy podcasting world has to offer.
Warning: Some of the clips on this list may contain some NSFW language.

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10. The Crab Feast

Host(s): Ryan Sickler, Jay Larson
Episodes: 116
New episodes every Tuesday

If you’re a fan of comedy and the names Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson aren’t familiar to you yet, they will be soon. On The Crab Feast, Jay and Ryan bring in a guest each week, usually a fellow comic, and do what they do best: tell stories. Past guests include Tom Segura, Chris D’Elia, and Ari Shaffir.

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9. How Did This Get Made?

Host(s): Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, Jason Mantzoukas
Episodes: 90 (+ prequel episodes)
New episodes every other Tuesday

HDTGM is all about movies that are so bad they’re good. Bobby Moynihan, Dan Harmon, and Amy Schumer have all made appearances to break down and poke fun of cinema’s worst schlock such as Over the Top, Jack Frost, and Color of Night. Each episode is dedicated to a single film, and is preceded by a 20-30 minute “prequel” episode to prep you for the podcast’s next target.

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8. Robert Kelly’s ‘You Know What Dude!’

Host(s): Robert Kelly
Episodes: 231
New episodes every Monday

In the intro to the YKWD podcast, Robert Kelly describes his show as a “comic hang,” and that’s exactly what it is. Kelly’s cast of regulars include comedians Kelly Fastuca, Dan Soder, Joe List, and Luis J. Gomez, in addition to a rotating cast of comics, mostly from the New York scene. Week-to-week, the show ranges from laugh-out-loud funny to intense and introspective. For newcomers, initiate yourself to the show with any episode featuring Big Jay Oakerson, Kurt Metzger, or Yannis Pappas.

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7. The Champs with Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher

Host(s): Neal Brennan, Moshe Kasher
Episodes: 101
Episodes released sporadically

Hosted by Neal Brennan, comedian and co-creator of Chappelle’s Show, and Moshe Kasher, comedian and author, The Champs boast some interesting guests that don’t typically make the rounds on the podcasting circuit. Guests like Blake Griffin, Charlie Murphy, Action Bronson, and Chris Rock set them apart from the rest.

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6. Monday Morning Podcast

Host(s): Bill Burr
Episodes: 30 (more available through premium subscription)
New episodes every Monday

Bill Burr may be the comedian of the highest stature that’s still doing his own podcast, which makes him pretty cool. Another thing that makes his show unique is that he does it alone most of the time, with the exception of the occasional guest or drop-in from his wife Nia. It’s a talent to release an hour of stream-of-consciousness pontifications on sports, life on the road, and current events and still manage to be funny and interesting, and Burr has it.

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5. Smodcast

Host(s): Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier
Episodes: 304
New episodes every Sunday

The OG’s and creators of a podcasting empire, Smith and Mosier have been at it since 2007. Since then, Smith has been home to nearly three dozen other shows on his network (many of which he hosts), and he launched an internet radio station dedicated to his shows. But his bread and butter has been SModcast, where he and Scotty Mo tell tales of the movie-making business, but mostly let their imaginations run to the funniest and most absurd places. Look for Smith’s first film based on an episode of SModcast, Tusk, later this year.

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4. WTF

Host(s): Marc Maron
Episodes: 50 (520 available through premium subscription)
New episodes Mondays and Thursdays

The godfather of podcasting comedians. Several years ago, as he has explained on his show as well as numerous interviews, Maron was in a deep rut in his life and career. Unsure of what to do, he turned to picking the brain of his comedian friends (clandestinely in the studio of the radio station he was fired from). 500 episodes later, Maron still has one of the top three podcasts on iTunes, a TV show based on his life and show, and is one of the most popular comedians in the country.

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3. Mohr Stories

Host(s): Jay Mohr
Episodes: 57 (242 available through premium subscription)
New episodes every Monday

Stand-up/Actor/Sports Talk Host/Author/Impressionist/Jack-of-all-trades Jay Mohr started his run as a podcaster by just having friends like Daryl Wright, Ryan Sickler, Tom Segura, and 100-percenter Barry Katz in to share hilarious stories, which was great in itself. As the show developed, friend appearances began being mixed in with episodes featuring genuinely interesting figures from sports and pop culture such as Rufus Wainwright, Eric Roberts, and A.J. Hawk, which has turned the show into a must-listen on a weekly basis.

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2. The Nerdist

Host(s): Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, Matt Mira
Episodes: 301
New episodes Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays

There is no more dynamic conversationalist than Chris Hardwick. From astrophysics with Neil Degrasse Tyson to music with Zooey Deschanel to comedy with Dave Attell to aeronautics with Tom Cruise. If you have a single interest in any topic there is, The Nerdist will have something for you.

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1. Comedy Bang! Bang!

Host(s): Scott Aukerman
Episodes: 303
New Episodes Mondays and Thursdays

Comedy Bang! Bang!, formerly named Comedy Death Ray, is unlike any other show on this list in that it’s the only one that features improv. Host Scott Aukerman has fostered a fantastically weird environment where regular guests like Paul F. Tompkins, James Adomian, and Nick Kroll feel free to stumble on into the studio as characters like Werner Herzog, Jesse Ventura, and Bobby Bottleservice and take over for up to a full hour. It may be an acquired taste for some, but no other show makes for such consistent laughs as Comedy Bang! Bang!

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