Top 10 Danity Kane Songs

In 2005, five young hopeful girls auditioned for MTV’s Making the Band and a year later, under the production of P. Diddy, they became known as Danity Kane.

From then until 2009, the group released two studio albums and headlined three national tours. Similar to the Pussycat Dolls, the ladies danced along to seductive pop and R&B styled songs. They were known for their sexiness, confidence and attitude.

Sadly for fans, Danity Kane went on a hiatus in 2009 after rumors swirled of differences and arguments between all five members, Aubrey O’Day, D. Woods, Shannon Bex, Dawn Richard and Aundrea Fimbres.

For four years, the girls had solo careers and experimented with other music but then just recently it was released that the lineup would join together and released a new single, “Lemonade” featuring Tyga without the help of former producer, P. Diddy.

Everyone was excited and looking forward for the new Danity Kane music until this past week when news broke that the girls would be breaking up for good after an apparent fight between Richard and O’Day.

Disappointedly, is counting down our top 10 favorite Danity Kane songs to remember what could have been, again.


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10. Touching My Body

Off of their first album back in 2006, “Touching My Body” is a catchy song that we wish could have been a single. Sexy and danceable with a catchy and easy to remember chorus, here is the group performing the track on the finale of Making the Band.

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9. Ecstasy

In 2008, the group released their second studio album, Welcome to the Dollhouse. Compared to their previous release, this album featured guests including Rick Ross in “Ecstasy.” You can’t really hear it over the bass in the video below, but it’s a seductive song – clearly with the way they danced to it on tour.

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7. Poetry

“Poetry” off of Welcome to the Dollhouse is a great song because when performed acoustically, you can really hear these girls pipes and how perfectly they harmonize with one another.

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6. Strip Tease

Heavily influenced by Britney Spears, “Strip Tease” is a great song to dance to at a club with the girls because of its catchy chorus and seductive beat!

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5. Lights Out

Another catchy song by the group, “Lights Out” sounds similar to the Pussycat Dolls and definitely is a track to sing along to.

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4. Bad Girl

Featuring hip hop all star, Missy Elliot, “Bad Girl” is a hit with a catchy melody and absolute perfect harmony. We can’t forget the super quick and impressive verse from Missy, though.

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3. Lemonade

Featuring Tyga, “Lemonade” was the latest single from the group when they finally announced their reunion back in May. It made our list for their growth as a group and because we really wish we could have seen more stuff like this coming out. Also, the video features adorable kids lip-synching the lyrics.

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2. Show Stopper

Their very first single was a radio hit back in 2006. “Show Stopper” was an anthem that summer to all the single ladies out there. Plus, the video makes all five girls look like supermodels.

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1. Damaged

The first single off their second album, “Damaged” was a hit for all the girls who had their hearts broken. Catchy, perfect for dancing to and the easiest song to sing along to, you could hear plenty of people singing along to this song in their cars in 2009.

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