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August 24 20:19 2014

Evanescence is a rock band that has had many hits such as Bring Me To Life and Everybody’s Fool. With deep, sobering songs about many different topics, the band has been heating up the airwaves since their first album debuted in 2004.

The band is currently on hiatus right now and lead singer Amy Lee just had a baby. Since the band has had many popular songs, we wanted to take a look at some of the best songs the band has put out since they took to the charts.

From singles to songs that appeared on demo albums, the band has had a wide repertoire of music at their disposal. Fans if Evanescence have been rocking out to these songs and many of the songs have a hauntingly beautiful quality to them.

The band’s music has covered everything, from bad relationships to dealing with heartbreaking loss. Here is our top ten list of Evanescence songs. What are your favorite Evanescence songs?

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10. Everybody’s Fool

This song is from the band’s first album Fallen and talks about how the world is full of lies and that everyone is fooled by the appearance that is given in the media, especially when it comes to advertising, as is seen in the video.

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9. Going Under

This song’s rhythm is amazing as Lee sings about coming out of a bad relationship in order to keep from being pushed down due to the negative aspects. The video for the song is pretty incredible, showing Lee in different outfits from getting ready to perform on stage to singing under water.

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8. Call Me When You’re Sober

This is from the band’s second album The Open Door and tells about someone who has bad habits and only seems to want to be around when they aren’t sober. The singer is telling this person it is too late to keep coming back.

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7. Good Enough

This song is from the band’s second album The Open Door and Amy Lee has stated the song was written for her husband. This song takes on a more positive sound than the band’s other songs have had, and it is a beautiful piece.

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6. Whisper

Off of the band’s first album Fallen, this song has a really strong beat and speaks of the fear of what is ahead and how to will away the pain, as the lyrics go. Toward the end of the song, the lyrics are almost spoken as you listen to the background harmony before the guitar solo picks up before the chorus.

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5. Hello

Beginning with a haunting piano solo, the song was written for singer Amy Lee’s sister, who passed away when Amy was six. The song talks about how she is having a hard time coping with the truth of what has happened. It is a beautiful and heartbreaking song.

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4. Holding My Last Breath

This song is off of the band’s first album Fallen and it is a powerful song that takes on an undertone of not being afraid of what is happening as someone takes their last breath. They are holding on and hoping the person they are singing to can still feel them.

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3. Fields of Innocence

Off of the band’s first demo CD Origin, this song is beautiful and the lyrics seem to reflect the longing for a time in the past when everything was innocent and the singer still believed in a time that wasn’t full of hardships.

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2. Missing

A hauntingly beautiful song, this talks about someone being missing and wondering if the people left behind will miss them. This song is off the band’s live album and DVD Anywhere But Home.

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1. My Immortal

This song is off of the band’s album Fallen and it tells the story of missing someone and being haunted by their presence even though they have been long gone. With a stirring and beautiful piano ballad playing in the background, this is one of the best songs by the band.



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