Top 10 ‘Full House’ moments

August 27 14:39 2014

Growing up in the early 90’s, Full House was my show to watch. I loved seeing the adventures of Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, and Joey Gladstone as they helped to raise Danny’s three girls, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. For thirty minutes, we got to watch the family go through triumphs and tragedies while learning a life lesson every time.

The news has been reported that Full House is set to come back for a revival, courtesy of John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse Katsopolis on the hit show.

As exciting as this is, it also brings back memories of the sage advice Danny would give his girls whenever they needed to talk or how Joey and Jesse would be there for the girls when they needed someone to talk to. Plus, we can’t forget Jesse’s hair. His hair was one of the central plot points of the show, so much that an episode was devoted to little Stephanie accidentally cutting off a huge chunk of it. is looking back at some of the top ten best moments on Full House as we await more news about the possible revival of this classic show from way back when.

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10. Stephanie gets married

After feeling neglected as a middle child, Stephanie suggests that she marries her best friend, Harry. They have a “real” wedding, complete with their friends, including one who plays minister.

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9. Jesse meets Rebecca

Uncle Jesse has always been known as a ladies man on the show. Then Rebecca Donaldson, who works with Danny Tanner on their television news program, is over at the Tanner house, Jesse meets his future wife for the first time.

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8. Rebecca’s having a baby

Rebecca has some news to share with Jesse and she has been unsuccessful so far, as he is excited about a record deal and going on tour. Knowing she has to tell him, she finally decides to do so while playing picture charades. Jesse figures out the movie title, with help from Rebecca, before she becomes to flustered, she blurts out the news.

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7. Jesse makes Michelle smile

Jesse and Michelle have a special bond and when Michelle misses a little boy named Howie, a relative of Rebecca’s, Jesse does all he can to make her smile. He sings a song he wrote for her, which follows some flashbacks of moments when Michelle was growing up.

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6. Joey gives Stephanie courage

Young Stephanie is afraid of getting a dental exam. In an effort to make her feel better, Joey shows Stephanie her courage is inside her. Her mouth, specifically, as her tonsils because her “courage hangy ball.”

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5. Jesse makes cereal

After he got a hair cut, courtesy of his young niece Stephanie, Jesse ended up breaking both his arms after a motorcycle accident. In this clip, he is seen attempting to make a bowl of cereal without help.

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4. Hole in the wall

Stephanie and DJ are in big trouble when they poke a hole in their dad’s bedroom wall. They try spackling the wall to fix it, but before they can finish moving dad’s dresser, their dad comes home. Watch as the girls use Michelle as a distraction before singing a silly song to give a reason why they are in his room.

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3. Forever

Uncle Jesse and Rebecca got married, after some funny moments in which the wedding almost didn’t happen, and Jesse performed a song for his new bride in front of all their family and friends.

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2. Comet’s birthday

The family dog, Comet, is one of the most beloved pets and he got his own special birthday party (he was actually born on Uncle Jesse’s bed) courtesy of Stephanie. After Danny brings Comet home from a long walk, they see all of Comet’s doggy friends with birthday hats on and Comet surprises Danny when he sees his birthday cake.

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1. Final scene

When the show’s last episode aired, it showed Michelle getting knocked off a horse and losing her memory. As time goes on, she has a hard time getting her memory back. In the same episode, DJ is also preparing for prom. At the end of the show, Michelle finally remembers her life, including her beloved family, and DJ ends up with a special prom date, the boy she dated for a long time, Steve.


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