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Good Charlotte formed back in 1996 in Maryland. Brothers Joel and Benji Madden combined their punk rock musicality along with help from bassist Paul Thomas and guitarist/keyboardist Billy Martin to create Good Charlotte.

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The band has released five studio albums to date including the highly successful self-titled debut and The Young and the Hopeless which was released back in 2002. The band topped the charts with hits like “The Anthem” and “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous.” The band became known for their pop/punk anthem and was able to connect with a generation of fans first discovering their inner punk rocker. is counting down the top ten Good Charlotte songs in time for “Throwback Thursday.” From “Little Things” to “Girls & Boys,” this duo defined a punk rock generation and still has a large group of fans. Did your favorite Good Charlotte single not make the list? Comment below and add yours.

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10. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

“Keep Your Hands Off My Girl” was one of the later singles released from Good Charlotte and hit the airwaves back in 2007.

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9. Little Things

“Little Things” was the first single that was released from Good Charlotte and helped to introduce the world to their pop/punk sound.

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8. Like It’s Her Birthday

“Like It’s Her Birthday” still had the style that fans have come to love from the punk band but it featured a more modern and pop driven sound. The upbeat melody and catchy lyrics helped the band return to the popular charts.

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7. We Believe

This was one of the more emotional and heartfelt songs from the punk rock group. The chorus showcased the vocal range of the brothers and expressed a different side to them.

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6. The River

“The River” was one of the bands later releases and featured a more modern rock sound that highlighted the vocal ranges of the band. It felt as though Good Charlotte was advancing their sound towards what was popular on the rock charts at the time.

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5. I Just Wanna Live

“I Just Wanna Live” was the second single that was released off of The Chronicles of Life and Death.

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4. Predictable

“Predictable” was the first single off of the bands third studio album The Chronicles of Life and Death. It had an emotional feeling with every note and Madden’s vocal range is impressive on this track. It feels honest and connects with the audience.

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3. Girls & Boys

Good Charlotte always has a way of taking normal topics and infusing their musical sound into it. The band took on the attraction between boys and girls and how truly different the genders are. The song is fun, it’s catchy and it instantly became a fan favorite.

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2. The Anthem

“The Anthem” became just that an anthem for a generation growing up in the pop music industry. This provided a different sound to that of the 90s pop scene and connected with many punk/rock fans. This song helped to elevate Good Charlotte to the next level.

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1. Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

“Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” was the song that put Good Charlotte on the mainstream music map. This song helped to profile the bands unique pop/punk music style and their fun lyrical style. At the time the sound was refreshing and modern and was unlike anything else on the airwaves. The song takes swings at celebrities and asks that question, can it be that bad being rich and famous?

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