Top 10 Maroon 5 singles; “She Will Be Loved,” “Maps,” “Payphone”

August 03 17:00 2014

Rock ‘n’ roll band Maroon 5 is preparing to release their latest studio album V, and they have released two singles off of the album, “Maps” and “It Was Always You.” The new music shows a more modern direction that the band is heading in and highlights Adam Levine’s lead vocals.

The band is comprised of Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, James Valentine, Matt Flynn and PJ Morton. Together the men bring together a range of musical talent that translates into impressive albums and hit singles. Even with Levine become a star in his own right with hit show, The Voice and a solo career, he returns to the group as they are prepared to impress again with V.

Maroon 5 has become a mainstay on the pop/rock charts. With singles like “She Will Be Loved,” “Payphone” and “One More Night,” fans are used to their upbeat melodies and catchy lyrics being heard on the radio and topping the charts. is counting down the top ten Maroon 5 singles. From older singles to the latest hit, the countdown stretches from 2002 to 2014. Did your favorite Maroon 5 singles not make the list? Comment below and add your favorite.

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10. Lucky Strike

Featured on their 2012 release Overexposed, “Lucky Strike” showed off the high energy and catchy lyrics that took this song in a more modern direction. The intense bass line helped to compliment the vocals of Levine.

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9. If I Never See Your Face Again ft. Rihanna

Maroon 5 teamed up with Rihanna for this over the top sexy single, “If I Never See Your Face Again.” Rihanna’s vocal range, which is smooth and sexy, was complimented with Levine’s higher vocal range. The two came together in musical haraomy.

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8. Wake Up Call

Maroon 5 has never been afraid to express their feelings through music and “Wake Up Call” is an example of how when the band writes songs, they aren’t afraid of expressing how they really feel. The song featured the rock sound that fans have come to love, and the hard hitting lyrics took the sound to a new level.

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7. One More Night

Overexposed was released back in 2012 and featured a variety of hits include “One More Night.” The entire album featured a more modern overall sound but this single showcased the songwriting ability and that when Levine sings he really tells a story and captivates his audience.

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6. Love Somebody

“Love Somebody” became an instant fan favorite at concerts because it had a heartfelt message and Levine’s vocals helped to drive the powerful message home to fans.

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5. She Will Be Loved

Maroon 5 is known for their high energy and powerful pop songs, but with “She Will Be Loved,” Maroon 5 proved that they could create an emotional ballad that would be an instant chart-topping classic.

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4. Misery

“Misery” was a breakup song with passion. Maroon 5 has been providing heartbreak therapy for fans since they formed back in 1994 as Kara’s Flowers.

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3. Maps

Maroon 5 has released their brand new music for the single, “Maps” off of the group’s fifth studio album V. The video is a complex and dramatic visual that matches the modern and intense sound that comes across strongly on “Maps.” If this is the direction that V is headed in, fans are not likely to be disappointed.

The video opens with Adam Levine rushing into an emergency room where a woman is seen fighting for her life on the operating table. The video transitions between the current timeline and flashbacks that lead up to that fateful interaction.
Read the entire review of “Maps” here.

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2. Payphone

The first single off of Overexposed was the smash hit “Payphone.” After Levine and his band performed the single on The Voice, it became an overnight sensation.

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1. Harder to Breathe

“Harder to Breathe” was the first single released by Maroon 5 and set the stage for future success. “Harder to Breathe” combined everything that fans love about Maroon 5. It was rock driven, highlighted the incredible vocal range of Levine, and was sexy.



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