Top 10 most terrifying shark attacks

Just in time for Shark Week we decided to count down some of the world’s most terrifying shark attacks.

On Sunday, Aug. 10, the Discovery Channel will be kicking off its 27th annual Shark Week.

The week-long programming debuted in July of 1988 and has grown in popularity every year since. The concept was originally developed to raise awareness and educate people about one of the ocean’s largest predators. The series has now become the longest-running television programming event in history.

A Shark Week promo ad, featuring actor Rob Lowe surfing on sharks while others leap in the air behind him, went viral last week. And social media users, including Demi Lovato, have been tweeting about their excitement for this year’s upcoming season.

Furthermore, the internet has spawned several Shark Week drinking games, Shark Week beverages and even Shark Week themed food to eat during this special time of year.

The programming kicks off this Sunday at 8 p.m. with the show Air Jaws: Fins of Fury. It is the first of 13 new shows set to air through Aug. 16 when the season wraps up.

So now, in honor of this year’s Shark Week, let’s take a look at the top 10 most terrifying shark attacks … If you dare.

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