Top 10 Robin Williams moments and memories

It is with a heavy heart that we confirm actor and comedian, Robin Williams, has passed away. However, in light of the tragic death of a Hollywood icon, we are able to look back and some of William’s best moments throughout the course of his career.

While Williams appeared in a number of hit films, including Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, and Hook, it was the comedian’s ability to alter his voice to fit a wide range of characters that gained him success in the entertainment industry.

Sadly, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Williams was discovered unconscious in his home in Tiburon, California, and has since been pronounced dead of a suspected suicide.

While it is a sad day for many fans that grew up laughing at the numerous Robin Williams’ movies, here are our top 10 Robin Williams moments and memories in honor of Hollywood losing a comedic legend today, August 11.

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10. Whose Line Is It Anyway
Robin Williams appeared on the hit show, Whose Line Is It Anyway, holding his ground next to some of our funniest comedians, including Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Charles Esten.

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9. Voice-Over Master
Robin Williams is known for being able to portray a wide variety of characters with his numerous voices and spot-on impersonations. Whether he was playing an old woman in Mrs. Doubtfire, a wise professor in Good Will Hunting, or a crazy scientist in Flubber, Williams always managed to bring a smiles and laughter to his fans.

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8. The Ellen DeGeneres Show
If there were something Robin Williams was best at, it would have to be his ability to incorporate as much random stuff as he possibly can into his everyday conversations, just as he did during his first appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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7. Shakespeare
If you couldn’t tell from his hilarious interviews, shows, and outtakes, Robin Williams is an expert when it comes to improvisation. Williams appeared on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show in 1991, hilariously improvising Shakespeare in this high-energy interview.

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6. Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters

Any time Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters are together, laughs are a guarantee and their double appearance on The Late Show Starring Johnny Carson was no disappointment.

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5. American Idol
Robin Williams appeared alongside Ryan Seacrest on American Idol for the show’s Give Back event in 2008. The comedian used wide array of accents to make fun of a very un-amused Simon Cowell and brought a comedic side to a serious event.

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4. Mrs. Doubtfire
Every child who grew up in the 1990s remembers Robin Williams smashing his face into a cake and pretending it is a face mask in Mrs. Doubtfire. Williams provided a hilarious take on the story of a father who desperately wants to spend more time with his children amidst a divorce, so he forces himself into dressing up as an old woman and acting as his children’s nanny.

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3. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Robin Williams appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last year, providing fans with a hilarious interview as the two humor geniuses played off of each others comedic timing.

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2. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
Although Williams had only just released Popeye when he first appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, the upcoming actor had a hilariously crazy interview with Johnny Carson – so crazy that Williams has to take a sip out of Carson’s mug to calm himself down.

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1. Standup Genius
Robin Williams appeared in a number of noteworthy films, however, it was his unbelievable standup comedy skills that allowed for him to create the distinct characters we will remember him by. Below is a young Robin Williams performing one of his hilariously iconic stand-up comedy routines for an audience at the very beginning of his successful career.

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