Top 10 Sorority Movies

August 19 13:36 2014

It is the middle of August, which means co-eds are packing up their cars and heading back to school. For members of Greek life at universities, this time of year is the most important because it is time for rush.

Fraternities and sororities spend the time of rush recruiting freshman to join their societies and pledge their club. For sororities this is an especially important time because the bigger and better the pledge class, the higher up the sorority is viewed on campus.

Whether a top tier or social ladder climbing sorority, the experiences are all the same: as sisterhood that introduces girls to life long friends and brings forth incredible memories.

Sororities are often satirized in films for being too superficial or too cult like. In this list of top ten sorority movies there are all kinds of themes: sisterhood, betrayal, jealousy, friendship, and so on.

This list s perfect for those in and out of Greek life, feauturing films that both support and make fun of Greek life. Here are’s top ten sorority movies.

[new page=Number Ten: Sorority Boys]

Sorority Boys surrounds-what else-boys getting into a sorority. Three fraternity brothers find themselves no place to live when they find a sorority on campus has spots. The guys dress in drag in order to get into the sorority to live and get closer to the girls. The movie is a typical cross-dressing comedy with humor in the ridiculous looking guys charading as girls. The movie is funny and shows sororities in a positive light, as they were not quick to judge on looks when letting the boys rush.

[new page=Number Nine: Black Christmas]

Black Christmas is a cult slasher flick set inside of a sorority house. A sorority is horrified by mysterious phone calls the house begins receiving over Christmas break. Sisters begin being killed by a murderer lurking in the sorority house. Black Christmas began the theme of horror sorority flicks and is a truly eerie look at Greek life.

[new page=Number Eight: Revenge of the Nerds]

Revenge of the Nerds may mostly focus on a geeky fraternity but because of a sorority’s big involvement in the plot it deserved to be on the list. A group of nerds is tired of being picked on by the Alpha Beta fraternity, so they decide to start their fraternity to fight back against the bullies, with the help of a lower-tier sorority. This 1980s classic is hilarious and adorable. It is very easy to cheer on the nerds as the seek their revenge.

[new page=Number Seven: Sorority Row]

A more recent sorority horror movie, Sorority Row will have sisters everywhere thinking twice before pulling any pranks on ex boyfriends. A sorority girl finds out her boyfriend cheated on her and plans an elaborate prank to get even. The prank goes terribly wrong when a sorority sister dies and her sisters try to cover up the death. A serial killer begins to stalk the girls who covered up the death and gets revenge on them one by one. Sorority Row is so creepy because it is almost believable.

[new page=Number Six: Sorority Wars]

Sorority Wars is the stereotypical tale of sorority rivalry over recruits, which is sadly fairly accurate to real Greek life. Katie and Sara are best friends until joining rival sororities separates them. The rift between the girls causes the rivalry to become a full out war between the Kappas and the Deltas. Sorority Wars is full of cat fights, caddy remarks, and over the top debauchery that makes it both entertaining and rididculous.

[new page=Number Five: Animal House]

Animal House is a classic Greek life movie that is a huge satire on the raucous college life. Another film that does not center on sorority girls but certainly focuses on them, Animal House follows the Delta Tau Chi fraternity as they attempt to allude the dean in pulling their charter. The fraternity film still has Greek life at universities everywhere trying to copy their outrageous ragers.

[new page=Number Four: Pumpkin]

Sorority girl Carolyn is all about the Alpha Omega sisterhood. That is, until through volunteering for the Challenged Games she falls in love with a mentally disabled man. Carolyn’s sisters and mother turn against her strange love affair that causes her to be an outcast at college. Pumpkin is touching and quirky and is certainly a story that has never been told before.

[new page=Number Three: Sydney White]

Sydney White is the modern retelling of Snow White set to the back drop of college life. Sydney enters college thinking she will join her mother’s old sorority, but when the sister are not what Sydney imagined she rejects Greek life all together. With nowhere to live after being kicked out of the sorority house, Sydney finds her self with seven misfit boys. With the help of her newfound friends, Sydney decides to change the social system at her school.

[new page=Number Two: The House Bunny]

The House Bunny follows a rejected Playboy bunny who decides to become the house mom of a nerdy sorority. Shelley (the bunny) decides to teach the girls how to pick up boys, dress cute,, and throw ragers in order to make them appealing to pledges. The House Bunny is funny and cute and teaches the true meaning of sisterhood.

[new page=Number One: Legally Blonde]

Delta Nu president Elle Woods has everything-until her perfect boyfriend dumps her for another smarter girl. Elle decides the only way to win back Warner is to prove her smarts and go to Harvard Law School with him. Thus the tale of blonde ambition begins, with Elle proving to herself she does not need a man when she can rely on herself for a bright future. Legally Blonde is the tale of a classic sorority girl proving her smarts.




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