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August 03 22:42 2014

With Guardians of the Galaxy scoring big in the box office over the weekend, it is apparent that superhero movies are always a crowd favorite. Guardians of the Galaxy is the fourth big superhero movie to come out in 2014. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spider-man 2, and X-Men: Days of Future Past all came out this year and were hits in the box office and received well by superhero fans.

With no other superhero movies coming out in 2014, audiences may be thirsty for more tales of good versus evil and a hero/heroes saving the world from destruction. That is where this Top Ten Superhero movies list come in handy. This list contains some of the most heroic heroes and deviant villains mixed with action, drama, and romance. These are both DC Comics and Marvel heroes who save the day every time.

Although many of these superheroes come from the comics and therefore their stories are known, superhero movies have the tendency to surprise even the most faithful comic book leader. SO here are the Top Ten Super Hero Movies to watch while waiting for new hero films to be released in 2015.

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[new page=Number Ten: Unbreakable]

In the way of most M. Night Shymalan movies, Unbreakable is a suspenseful thriller that leaves the audience guessing until the end. In the film, David Dunn is just a normal guy until he becomes the sold survivor of a horrible plane crash, which leaves him unscratched. Comic book obsessed Elijah Price approaches Dunn and proposes that he is a superhero. The film follows Dunn as he explores his super potential. Unbreakable is a great superhero movie in that it makes the hero more of an everyday guy and convinces the audience that with so many people in the world maybe there is someone with superpowers hiding as the guy next door.

[new page=Number Nine: Thor]

Thunder God Thor is cast out of his home Asgard on to Earth in order to humble him. On Earth, Thor falls in love with the beautiful scientist Jane Foster. Thor’s powers come in handy when Thor’s evil brother Loki threatens Earth. Thor is a great superhero flick because it contains action and adventure and well- placed humor. It also helps that the hero and the villain are lovable characters.

[new page=Number Eight: Spider-man]
Awkward high schooler Peter Parker is nothing close to a hero, until a fateful spider bite gives him spider-like powers. After tragedy strikes Peter’s family, he must use his new found powers to protect the city of New York from an evil villain. Spider-Man is a great drama with a dash of romance that is entertaining for all ages.

[new page=Number Seven: Kick-Ass]

Dave Lizewski is a nerdy high school student who is desperate to make friends and get the girl he loves to notice him. Dave decides the only way to escape his geeky-ness is to become a super hero, despite the fact he has no super powers. Dave’s attempts at being a hero are hilarious and horrifying but he eventually becaome internet famous and capable of fighting crime. Kick-Ass is a hilarious movie that shows friendship, bravery, and kick-ass crime fighting.

[new page=Number Six: X-Men]

Charles Xavier runs a school for young mutants to protect them from the unaccepting eyes of humans. When a band of bad mutants threaten both humans and good mutants, the X-Men must band together to save the good from the bad. X-Men’s all-star cast includes Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellar, and Patrick Stewart. X-Men is full of special effects and great dramatic acting, making it a great movie with multiple super heroes.

[new page=Number Five: The Incredibles]

Although The Incredibles is only a children’s movie, it brings entertainment for audiences of all ages for its humor and great message. An undercover super hero family must accept their powers in order to defeat a villain who plans to kill off all super heroes in order to make himself a hero. The Parr family must save the world and try to get along while doing so.

[new page=Number Four: Iron Man]

Rich Playboy Tony Stark must build a super suit to save his life and ends up using it to save others. Stark fins out that his second in command at his business has been selling their weapons to terrorist and has plans of making a super suit for himself. Iron Man has humor and action that is all wonderfully delivered by Robert Downey Jr.

[new page=Number Three: The Dark Knight]

The second of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is a dramatic masterpiece starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger. Batman and local politician Harvey Dent decide to make Gotham a better place but must fight against the sinister efforts of The Joker. The Dark Knight is unpredictable and dark, making things look dark for the Dark Knight.

[new page=Number Two: The Dark Knight Rises]

The final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is by far the best. Batman must protect Gotham from complete annihilation from a ruthless mercenary. The Dark Knight Rises has many twists and turns while explore Bruce Wayne’s character. Every moment of the film is unpredictable and it leaves the audience on the edge of their seat for the entire movie. The Dark Knight Rises is a superior superhero movie because it does not just settle for lots of action; it develops characters and has a wonderful story.

[new page=Number One: The Avengers]

Marvel’s greatest super heroes team up to fight evil in this wonderful, action packed movie. The ensemble cast in The Avengers is what sets it above and beyond other super hero movies, with witty dialogue and explosive action. The Hulf, Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, and Hawk Eye all team up to save the world from destruction in what is the best of all super hero movies. Best until The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters in 2015.


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