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August 25 23:25 2014

True Blood ended its seven-season long run on Aug. 24, though many fans are not yet ready to say goodbye.

HBO’s vampire drama has certainly given us a handful of tears, laughter, and unforgettable steamy love scenes. Between psychotic maenads, fang-banging serial killers, witches, and Hep-V infected vampires, True Blood sure managed to keep us on the edge of our seats. In the midst of its often-twisted plots, by series’ end, each starring character evolved into something greater, which brought the series full circle.

It’s pretty obvious True Blood had a wonderful starring cast who we grew to love. But what about the guest stars who made us cringe, who made us laugh, and who changed our core characters for better or for worse? is counting down the top ten guest actors in True Blood. Did your favorite not make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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[new page =10. Lorena Krasiki]

10. Lorena Krasiki, played by Marian Klaveno

Bill’s maker Lorena was one scary vampire. Her obsessive nature and unconditional love for Bill posed as a threat to Sookie and Bill’s relationship. Being over 200 years old, she had grown cold and emotionless to people and vampires around her. She never developed attachment to anyone except Bill, her only love, and is 100% creepy about him. Though she was a major villain, she was also presented as a three-dimensional character, as we learn she was abused in her human life.

There’s no arguing she got what she deserved though, as Sookie ends up driving a stake through her heart, killing her.

[new page = 9. Elijah Stormer]

9. Elijah Stormer, played by Keram Maliciki-Sanchez

And he thought he could replace Eric Northman as Sheriff of Area 5. Yeah right. The cartoonish, guyliner-heavy Elijah is first seen sitting on Eric’s throne, and becomes a threat to Fangtasia, and especially Pam. We did enjoy his funny one-liners and villain attempts while he lasted, but Tara shows him whose really boss by beheading him with the help of Ginger’s acting abilities.

[new page= 8. Amy Burley]

8. Amy Burley, played by Lizzy Caplan

Back in season one, the stellar Lizzy Caplan played Amy, who was Jason Stackhouse’s first love. She was especially important to him because she took Jason out of his womanizer phase, and showed him real love was possible. The two took many V-trips together and made passionate love during them. Unfortunately, Amy’s love and addiction to V took precedence over Jason, and ended up getting her killed.

[new page= 7. Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq]

7. Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq, played by Evan Rachel Wood

The 525-year-old Vampire Queen of Louisiana was a recurring villain throughout seasons 2, 3, and 4. Also the queen of tangents, she was often manipulative to get what she wanted. And that was Sookie Stackhouse.

Sophie-Anne employed Bill to make Sookie fall in love with him so she could gather up the fairies. Though we all hated the truth about Bill and Sophie-Anne’s manipulative plot on Sookie, there was something about Sophie-Anne’s quirky personality that was entertaining to watch.

[new page= 6. Niall Brigant]

6. Niall Brigant, played by Rutger Hauer

Not only did Sookie’s fairy grandfather help save her life from Warlow, but he acted as a protective father figure as well. Without Niall, Sookie would not have understood her fae power and how to use it.

Niall is the king of the fairy tribe that the Stackhouse family is from, and has been watching over Sookie from a young age. Because of his presence, Sookie learned the sad truth about her family, and how her parents tried to kill her. After Warlow’s death, he still came to Sookie in times of need. In the seventh season, when she was struggling with Bill’s terminal illness, Niall tells her that death is a part of life, to which she refused (until the finale) to accept.

[new page = 5. Lettie Mae Thornton Daniels]

5. Lettie Mae Thornton Daniels, played by Adina Porter

Lettie Mae is first portrayed as Tara’s evil religious-obsessed mother, but as the seasons go on, Lettie Mae is portrayed as a fragile human being. She has her fair share of hardships as she becomes enwrapped in the spirit world, believing there are demons inside of her. In the sixth season, Tara and Lettie Mae begin to make up and Lettie Mae apologizes for not always being there, especially when Tara was a vampire.

Within minutes of the seventh season premiere episode, Tara dies for the sake of her mother. After Tara’s death, Lettie Mae becomes V-obsessed, taking it in order to find a “lost” Tara. She ends up finding Tara in a vision, and in an emotional scene, the two decide to let go of one another.

[new page = 4. Steve Newlin]

4. Steve Newlin, played by Michael McMillian

Steve Newlin served dual roles as both antagonist and comic relief throughout his run on the series. First seen as a Reverend and leader of Fellowship of the Sun, he was married to one of the show’s greatest starring villains Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp). Steve lived under Sarah’s malicious control, up until he was turned into a vampire. When he was made vampire, he developed a deep fascination for Jason Stackhouse, and even dated the all-powerful Russell Edgington.

But as Steve met his true death he still had Jason on his mind as he shouts, “I love you Jason Stackhouse!”

[new page = 3. Ginger]

Ginger, played by Tara Buck

Ginger has been a beloved character/groupie of Eric and Pam since she came into Fangtasia when it was just a video store many years ago looking for a job. We find out in the seventh season that it was in fact her idea to make Fangtasia into a bar, but Eric glamoured her into thinking it was his idea.

Ginger has always been loyal to Pam and Eric, going out of her way to protect them, even though she is a human. She had always dreamed of having sex with Eric, and in the seventh season finally gets her wish. In a hilarious scene, Ginger climaxes within five seconds and falls to the floor, calling it her best ever.

[new page = 2. Russell Edgington]

2. Russell Edgington, played by Denis O’Hare

Russell Edgington was the oldest vampire, nearly 3,000 years old, and also the King of Mississippi and later on Chancellor of the Authority. Because of Russell’s age, he believes he is the most powerful and wishes to preserve the vampire nature. Which means he is 100% anti-human.

Denis O’Hare’s incredible acting abilities give him credibility as a manipulative villain with a sick sense of humor. One of Russell’s standout moments was when he interrupts a TV news broadcast by ripping out the anchor’s heart and delivering a chilling speech. One of the best moments in True Blood history, Russell poses himself as a true villain, and a good one at that until he is killed by Sookie, her fairy army, and Eric.

[new page = 1. Warlow/Ben]

1. Warlow/Ben, played by Robert Kazinsky

Warlow, aka Ben, was one of the most complex recurring characters, as he had a great impact on Sookie’s life. He first appears to her as an injured human named Ben, who she begins to develop feelings for. It’s not until she puts the pieces together later, that she discovers he’s the 5,000-year-old vampire who killed her parents. It’s revealed throughout the season that when Sookie’s parents tried to kill her, Warlow saved her life, and has since then been “stalking” Sookie, waiting for the right time to make her his fairy-vampire bride so they can be together for eternity.

Even though he was the villain with a big dark side and darker intentions, he presented himself with a complicated history and deep love and admiration for Sookie and her family. Regardless, Jason stakes him and he meets his true death after he threatened Sookie.


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