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August 24 21:55 2014

Within Temptation is a Dutch band that came together in 1996, beginning with the lead singer Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt. For over fifteen years, the band has created beautiful music that has been released in 48 countries. The band also consists of two more guitarists, Ruud Jolie and Stefan Helleblad, bassist Jeroen Van Veen, keyboardist Martijn Spierenburg, and drummer Mike Coolen.

This year, the band released their newest album Hydra, adding to an impressive array of music that fans from all over the world have enjoyed for years. Many of the songs from Within Temptation speak of many things, including one in which spoke of domestic abuse in an effort to raise awareness.

In honor of the band’s amazing sound and their impressive time spent in the music industry, has put together some of the top ten songs from the band. It is hard to narrow down a list like this, for this and many other bands. However, the songs in the list are all amazing, stirring up feelings and emotions in us through lyrical content that anyone could relate to. What are your favorite songs by Within Temptation?

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10. The Howling

As one of their faster paced songs, “The Howling” was released by the band as an EP with the same name. It came out before their album The Heart of Everything was released. The video for the song seems to show two different worlds. One in which the sun is shining and everything is in bloom, but then things go dark and there is destruction everywhere.

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9. Lost

From their 2011 album The Unforgiving, this song seems to tell the story of someone who is having a hard time coping and is unable to be heard. Like many of their songs, this can have many interpretations, but it is a very powerful song.

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8. And We Run

Off of their newest album Hydra, this song features the rapper, Xzibit, who provided the rap portions of the lyrics. While having a rapper on one of their songs was different, this song works perfectly and Xzibit’s rap blends perfectly with the tone of the music and vocals from Sharon den Adel.

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7. Running Up That Hill

The band made a cover version of this song that was previously sung by Kate Bush and also covered by many other bands, including Placebo. The song is very fast paced and upbeat, which is different from the songs the band has done that are more slow, melodic, and haunting.

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6. Stand My Ground

From the band’s album The Silent Force, the song is about taking a stand and surviving even the most difficult experiences we go through. It’s a great song and shows you have the ability to face something head on.

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5. Forgiven

This song is from the album The Heart of Everything. It can have many different meanings, from being left behind by someone you loved, possibly to death. It’s a powerful song with deep meaning and is beautiful.

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4. Our Farewell

This song is from the album Mother Earth and it tells a story about saying goodbye to someone and how they’re memories keep the person alive through their voice and smile. At the end, the singer laments that though they might be apart, they will be together one day.

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3. Somewhere

“Somewhere” is another beautiful song by Within Temptation, as the lyrics talk about finding someone one day and hoping they are in heaven so they won’t be hurt.

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2. Angels

The song “Angels” is off of the band’s album The Silent Force. It tells how someone may look like an angel, but they are deceptive deep down. For the video, the band becomes vigilante angels, who stop a demonic serial killer when he tries to kill the lead singer, who is actually an angel.

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1. Memories

Also off of The Silent Force, this song tells the story of someone who keeps the memories from their past inside them. The video shows the lead singer as an old woman, who goes back to her old home to relive her past from when she lived there.



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