‘True Blood’ series finale recap: ‘Thank You’

Bon voyage True Blood! And vampire Bill.

HBO’s seven-season long vampire drama aired its final episode on August 24. The questions we’ve been wanting answers to all week (and arguably all season) were finally answered, including the pivotal question posed in the promo: Will it end in true love or true death? The answer seems to be both.

The final episode was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Between Jessica’s wedding to Hoyt and Sookie battling whether or not to put Bill out of his misery, the episode perfectly wrapped up loose story ends and gave fans satisfaction.

Bill wants Sookie to give up her light and end his life
The episode picked up in Sookie’s house, where Bill explains that the reason he wants to die is so he and Sookie can finally let go of one another. Bill can be buried next to his family, while Sookie can have a life and family of her own. Sookie begins to understand where he is coming from. The sickness is making Bill more human, and he’s ready to meet his true death. Bill asks Sookie if she will use her light to end his suffering.

Eric and Pam play by their own rules
The dynamic duo come up with a plan that involves freeing Sarah Newlin and using her for their own business (later explained in the epilogue – it’s genius). The two sassy villains kill Gus Jr. and his army in several bad ass fight scenes. Pam gives Sarah her blood so she will be able to track her.

Sarah runs away to the carousel where Eric turned Willa (speaking of Willa, where was she all season?), and tries to convince Pam she would make a good vampire. She’d even go lesbo! But Pam says what we all hoped, “I wouldn’t let you go down on me for a billion dollars.”

Wedding Belle and Blues
Jessica goes to Bill’s to tell him that though she is not okay with him choosing to die, she will be fine. Bill asks Hoyt if he has any intention of marrying Jessica. Jessica flips out at Bill, but Bill explains that he never got to walk his daughter down the aisle.

While Sookie goes over to visit Jason, she meets Brigitte, who she takes a liking to. While Sookie is asking for Jason’s advice about Bill, they both get calls – there’s a wedding happening!

Yep, Hoyt and Jessica get married. A happy ending for this couple. What’s just as happy is that Bill gets to walk Jess – who looks beautiful in Sookie’s dress – down the aisle, like he always wanted. Before the wedding, Bill told Andy that he can legally pass the house down to him because of their family history, and that he wishes Andy rent the house out to Jess and Hoyt for $1 a month.

Andy leads the ceremony, while Jason is Hoyt’s best man. (Side note: It was so great to see these two become pals again.) Though the wedding was completely improvised, it did not take away from the genuine happiness of Jess and Hoyt and all their guests.

During the ceremony, Sookie is able to read Bill’s thoughts. Obviously, something she’s never been able to do. He communicates with he that all he wants for Sookie is to walk down the aisle and be happy with somebody. That and how much pain he is in.

Sookie and Bill’s Epic Love Story Ends
Sookie seriously reconsiders what Bill wants. Sookie calls Bill and says that she’s made the graveyard arrangements and that they should meet there at sundown. Alas, the two meet. In a long, drawn-out scene, Bill and Sookie passionately kiss and remind each other of their love for one another. Bill crawls into the grave, while Sookie stands above him, summoning her light. She stops to think about its amazement. Does she really want to give that up and become human?

No. She decides that the light, just like Bill, is a part of her. She can’t give up both. With tearful thought, she takes a stake to Bill’s heart and cries long and hard in his bloody goo. Possibly the most heartbreaking scene in True Blood history. After all, this was an epic love story between Sookie and Bill.

6 months-3 years later and the future looks bright…

-Eric and Pam are on TV for their state of the art cure to Hep-V, New Blood, which has Sarah’s face comically plastered to it. These two never fail to make a great team! Better yet, Sarah is being sold for $100,000 per bite, so Eric and Pam are sitting on a huge pile of Benjamins. Also, Eric makes one sexy CEO.

-Sookie is pregnant! Unfortunately, we don’t see the father (and I’m assuming) husband’s face, but we do see her happy and healthy with plenty of friends and family surrounding her. Just what Bill wanted.

-Jason and Brigitte are married with kids! – It’s no secret Jason always wanted a family – and Brigitte. So happy these two ended up together because they are perfect.

-Sam and Nicole show up at Sookie’s for a big Thanksgiving bash, alive and well. Sookie puts on a grand dinner for friends and family including Jessica and Hoyt, Arlene and Keith, Holly and Andy, and Adilyn and Wade.

And the greatest of all…

-Sarah Newlin gets what she deserves. She is locked in the basement of Fangtasia and is miserable, alone (except for delusions of Steve Newlin), and with nothing to be thankful for.

What an epic ending!

What did you think of the True Blood finale? Were you satisfied?

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