11 injured after bus crashes into San Francisco home

Authorities said that 11 people were injured after a transit bus crashed into a home in the San Francisco Bay Area on Friday.

According to the Associated Press, a commuter bus was hit by a stolen car, which sent it smashing into the side of the house.

Ashley Ortega and her two small children were inside the home when the bus hit. They were taken to nearby hospital, as were seven people and the driver of the bus. All were treated for minor injuries.

Ortega told ABC 7 that her daughter was in a bedroom when the bus smacked into the house and her infant son was in the living room sitting in his bouncy chair.

“My son was inches from being hit by the bus,” she said. “And my daughter was in the back bedroom and I called her and grabbed my son and I got out because I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Law enforcement officials said that the passenger of the stolen vehicle is in custody, however, the driver fled on foot and police are searching for that suspect.

Image via Twitter courtesy of Alan Wang

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