Deja Mae- “Wicked Games” song review

Déjà Mae is a singer who has had experience in the entertainment industry, as her father, Norman Howell, is a director and stunt man who has also been a stunt double for actor Kevin Costner. She once tried out the world of acting herself, but realized it wasn’t for her, so she ended up making music.

Through her song “Wicked Games,” Déjà Mae has created her own brand of music, complete with a stirring electronic beat and a melody that brings the essence of the song to life with her beautiful voice.

Between the electronic rhythm, the melodic vocals, and the harmony in the background of the song, “Wicked Games” is a very good track.

Her song has a great drumbeat as well, beginning with a stirring harmony to go along with the vocals. While the song does have some swearing in it, it doesn’t detract from the beauty of the meaning behind the song.

With a background in the entertainment industry and her own passion in creating a sound that is uniquely hers, Déjà has what it takes to stay true to her own sound and create a body of work for her fans to enjoy.

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