‘Awkward.’ Recap: 4.21 – ‘Sprang Break, Part 2’

This week on Awkward., spring break continued as a pregnancy announcement was made; Tamara found herself engaged; Jenna moved on from Matty; Lissa met up with her father; Matty realized Gabby wasn’t right for him; Jake turned to someone after his college rejection.

After realizing there was more to life than Matty, Jenna was starting to have a positive outlook on life. Lissa approached her outside and noticed she had a loose string on her denim shorts. She tried to get Jenna to fray the rest of her shorts, and Jenna had to blurt out it wasn’t a denim string…but a tampon string. Awkward…

Matty and Gabby were gearing up to go fishing with Danny, Matty’s biological father. Jenna was still bitter over Gabby spending time with Danny, since SHE was the one who tracked him down for Matty. When she expressed an interest in meeting Danny, Gabby was quick to shut the idea down, explaining she and Matty just him themselves. Matty was confused as he wanted Jenna to meet him.

Jake was bummed over getting rejected from Northwestern University. Ally was tired of everyone not knowing how to have fun at the beach house. On her way to her massage, her world was shattered when she walked in on Lacey telling Kevin she was pregnant again.

Meanwhile, Val had a near-death experience at the beach when she mistook a shark for a dolphin. After being rescued by Will, they took stock of their lives and decided to quit their school jobs in favor of traveling the world together. Sadie was a b**** about it, making Sergio more upset with her. He refused to go to a bar to celebrate her acceptance with her, so she went by herself.

In an effort to forget all about Matty, Jenna bumped into Brian, the Marine from a few days ago. She was charmed by his caring nature when Val was in trouble with the shark, leading to them going to the bar together.

Matty, on the other hand, was still uncomfortable around Danny. Danny meant well , but he had a bad read on people, especially when he praised Gabby as a great girl for his son. He thought she was the one who looked him up on the Internet, making her Matty’s soulmate. It was this comment that made Matty rethink his relationship with her.

Sadie went to the bar to find only Tamara was there to celebrate her scholarship. Lissa, Theo and Cole arrived next with news that Lissa’s father disappeared from gay rehab. When the three of them started dancing again, Sadie headed toward the bar with a sneer and an eye roll.

Tamara spotted Jenna with Brian and was introduced to Adam, one of his flirtatious Marine friends, who made Tamara speechless upon first meeting him. The encounter quickly ended with a hasty engagement. She dropped the news to Jenna just as she and Brian were about to share a kiss. Jenna was stunned, but Tamara assured her it was just in the heat of the moment. She knew it wouldn’t go anywhere with Adam being overseas soon.

Theo and Cole helped Lissa reunite with her dad, when she discovered they were dancing together. The boys contacted him to tell him Lissa wanted to see him. He told his daughter he felt closer to God now that he accepted himself as being gay. His new outlook on life makes Lissa relieved as she was free to believe in something once again.

While drinking, Sadie met a random guy, who made her feel special. When the two almost kissed, she realized how much Sergio meant to her. She went back to the house to admit why she was so agitated on the trip; she was afraid to miss him. Happy to see this new side of her, Sergio told her she should accept it as they kissed and cuddled up to each other.

Jenna stopped by the house to introduce her parents to Brian. They took her aside to share the news of her mother being pregnant. She was surprised, but supportive. She mentioned how she wouldn’t be around for the baby, since she would be away at school. Her mother was sad at the loss of not being able to go to college herself, but Jenna urged her to not let a baby stand in the way of her dreams again. She could do both.

Jake was still upset about Northwestern when he happened upon Gabby at the pool. She expressed her sadness at Matty not wanting to talk to her about intimate things going on in his life. The exchange seemed innocent as they shared a friendly hug. The next time we saw them, though, they were in bed together looking incredibly guilty at what they did. Uh oh..

Matty finally realized his feelings for Jenna and went to find her. He asked Lacey where she was, but she wasn’t helpful with her nonspecific response. She finally told him to stop messing with Jenna’s feelings and let her move on with her life. “You had your chance. Haven’t you broken her heart enough?” Matty was stunned as he realized what he had been doing all season. “I broke her heart?”

Tamara and Adam were walking down the beach as he clarified he wouldn’t be going overseas for another nine months. He hoped they would have their wedding before he left. As they embraced, Tamara looked trapped.

Matty sat on the beach, watching Jenna have fun with Brian. Jake showed up, ready to confess what happened with Gabby, but he chickened out when Matty praised him for being a good friend. He felt worse when Matty asked him to check on Gabby. Jake picked up on what Matty was feeling right away. “If you still have feelings for Jenna, you should just–” Matty couldn’t as he looked back at Jenna and Brian.

“I had my chance.”

With one more season of Awkward., what will happen? Will Tamara go through with the wedding? Will Matty find out about Jake and Gabby? Are Jenna and Matty ever getting back together? We’ll have to watch in the spring to find out!

Awkward. returns in 2015.

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