Kyle Richards doesn’t want her sister’s dog to be euthanized after the attack on her daughter

After Kyle Richards’ daughter, Alexia Umansky, was viciously bitten by her sister Kim’s pitbull Kingsley, Kyle is saying that she doesn’t want her sister’s dog to be put down, but instead wants the dog to be given to someone that could better control him.

It was previously reported that Kim Richards’ dog had attacked her 18-year-old niece, Alexia. Alexia was taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital, where she had to undergo two surgeries. Kingsley managed to bite all the way through to the bone on Alexia’s right thumb.

Initially it was reported that the Department of Animal Control wasn’t called after the incident because the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars wanted to keep everything private. Kyle was active on her Facebook, uploading a picture of Alexia in a hospital bed with the caption, “Slumber party at Cedars Sinai Hospital.”

Now TMZ is reporting that Kyle has made it clear that having Kingsley euthanized is not an option. Kyle knows that Kingsley is very important to Kim, who has been struggling with addiction problems.

Kyle reportedly wants Kim to realize that she has little to no control over Kingsley, and that it would be best for both her and the dog if Kingsley was given to someone that can handle the dog, according to TMZ.

TMZ also reports that Kingsley has had a long history of aggression. He doesn’t get along with other animals, and he’s bitten 4 people, with 3 of the incidents occurring at Kim’s home.

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