Top 10 dreamiest Irish Actors

Ireland is associated with many cheery activities and images: leprechauns, drinking, dancing and friendliness. There are also many famous and talented actors who call the Emerald Isle home.

Although this country might not be the first that comes to mind when thinking of film stars, there are many agencies and schools to help actors grow in their careers. For example, the Ireland Acting Guide is an online community and tool that “is committed to presenting actors with every tool they need to pursue a rewarding career in film.” Among other offered activities, actors can upload auditions to this site in hopes of landing a role.

With St. Patrick’s Day here, you might want to watch some Irish films such as The Secret of Kells or The Commitments. According to What Culture, “In spite of the annoying and exhausted stereotypes, there are still a number of movies which embody and adhere to the complexity of Irish identity.”

Finding some movies that star authentic Irish actors is a great way to celebrate this beautiful nation, no matter your heritage. Here are some of the dreamiest, most talented actors from Ireland whose films you might want to watch.

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