Top 10 fiery Irish actresses

This St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate with some of the best Irish actresses, ones so lovely and talented that you will want to be Irish too.

Ireland is viewed not only as a place of fun and food, but also a land where the arts thrive. Irish dance, music and theater all play a large role in the culture. According to Dublin’s informational website, the stage has allowed the Irish to portray national turmoil. Thus, it is rich in drama, meaning and plot. Irish art mixes modern influences with the ancient Celtic heritage from around 600 to 150 B.C., according to Culture Ireland.

Thus, finding Irish actresses who maintain their fiery and beautiful heritage in film brings wonderful joy. This St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate Irish roots that you have (or wish that you had). with some of the best Irish actresses that you might never have guessed they were Irish.

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