Top 10 Kesha Singles

Kesha marches to her own drumbeat and has taken over the music industry with her unique pop music style that is freeing, modern and optimistic. She quickly became known as a the female pop star who wasn’t going to follow traditional rules and could write colorful, yet serious lyrics that really tell her story personally.

Her “Animal” followers are extremely devoted and have supported Kesha through the highs and lows of her career. Kesha is known for opening up and letting fans get to know her through her music. She has not been shy about her past and struggles with relationships and personal issues but she writes songs that allow fans to come together and embrace who they are. Take for example the single, “Animals.” This song was written by Kesha for her fans, as an inspiration to them. This song reminds fans that we shouldn’t be afraid to embrace who we are, flaws included.

In honor of all things Kesha, is counting down the top ten Kesha singles. From her collaborations like “Timber” with Pitbull to huge solo hits like “Animals” and “We R Who We R,” Kesha doesn’t hold back and always delivers for her fans. Did your favorite Kesha single not make the list? Comment below and add your favorite.

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