Must Watch Videos–Florida Georgia Line, Zedd, A Thousand Horses –June, 15 2015

The weekend is over and it’s back to the reality of work and school but while you are going through the weekly routine, why not check out the most popular, unique and fun music videos featured on YouTube. From country to pop this countdown has it covered. We have organized the top ten music videos to watch this week so you don’t have to.

This week features newcomers in country music and a few mainstay artists. Florida Georgia Line takes fans behind the scenes of their latest tour with the music video for “Anything Goes.” The boys present their fun-loving party atmosphere and showcase their next big single. This countdown also feature country newcomers, A Thousand Horses. Horses has more of a southern rock style to their country sound but “(This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial” is a strong introduction for the group as they continue to develop and grow as a band.

Also featured this week includes a new single from Halsey, Nathan Skyes and rap star Ludacris with his new single, “Grass is Always Greener.” What are you watching this week and what is your favorite video on this countdown? Let us know which music videos you are watching and which is your favorite video out of our top ten recap.

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10. Halsey-Ghost

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane is known as Halsey on stage and has released a single, which has many elements that can result in a chart-topping hint. “Ghost” feels like a mix between Ellie Goulding and Ella Henderson. The music video also takes on a very modern and imaginative feel. This is presenting who Halsey is as a performer and who Ashley is as a musician and creative visionary.

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9. Zedd-Beautiful Now

Zedd is known for his unique masterminding of electronic beats, which results in top charting hits and “Beautiful Now” is no exception. This single featured Jon Bellion. The music video is a visual masterpiece that combines rapid visuals in a way that feels like an artistic short film compared to a traditional music video. The visuals not only match the lyrics and instrumentals but elevates the passion and emotion behind the lyrics.

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8. Nathan Sykes-Kiss Me Quick

The UK is known for bringing talent over to the United States and being added to that growing list of talented musicians who have traveled across the pond is Nathan Sykes. At first listen, Sykes has many musical elements similar to that of Usher or Ne-Yo. This song is not only catchy but has a beat that is danceable and infectious. Sykes is an artist to watch on the charts over the next few weeks.

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7. Kacey Musgraves-Biscuits

Kacey Musgraves made an impressive entrance into country music with Same Trailer Different Park. Now she is back with her familiar sharp wordplay and subtle country melodies. Musgraves is bringing country music back towards being traditional and away from pop sounds. “Biscuits” is a small window into how Musgraves is moving forward and following up that widely successful first album.

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6. Zella Day-Jameson

For fans looking for something new and different this week, these next two music videos will fill the quota. Zella Day has a vocal range that is beautiful and emotionally raw. This song is unlike anything on the radio today and “Jameson” is a strong introduction for Day.

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5. Casey Veggies-Tied Up

Casey Veggies is the other artist on this countdown that is bringing a new sound to the radio and Internet airwaves. This has a smooth R&B feel but Veggies vocals brings in a more modern and smooth tone. Dej Loaf is also featured on the track and adds a layer of complexity. Veggies sounds like she can fit into a variety of genres but is confident just exploring her own sound.

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4. A Thousand Horses- (This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial

A Thousand Horses are trying to be the next big thing in country music. Their single, “(This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial” expresses their southern country/rock sound and shows off the potential for the group to rise even higher within the country music ranks.

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3. Ludacris-Grass is Always Greener

Ludacris has a long resume: rapper, producer, actor and even member of a hit cinematic franchise. Music was what introduced Ludacris to fans and he is now stepping aside from acting to go back behind the mic. “Grass is Always Greener” is fun and feels like a classic Ludacris rap.

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2. Gloriana-Trouble

Another country act to make this countdown, Gloriana has released their music video for “Trouble.” Gloriana has been through some changes as a group and it appears that now they are ready to put their best musical foot forward. This music video is fun, creative and shows off just how talented these musicians are. With this talent and new direction moving forward, Gloriana will be a group to watch on the country charts.

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1. Florida Georgia Line-Anything Goes

Florida Georgia Line had the hit of the summer last year with “Cruise.” This country duo skyrocketed to fame not only with country fans but also with music listeners in general. Their songs could be found on country, rock and pop radio stations. Now the duo is back with a look behind the scenes at their latest tour and through that backstage lens released a music video for the first track off of their sophomore album, “Anything Goes.”

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