Fake oncologist claiming to cure cancer arrested in California

A bogus cancer doctor, who duped patients out of money by claiming that he had access to medicines that treated the disease, was arrested in California.

The Times Gazette noted that the doctor who gave nothing but false hope to cancer patients was finally found out and arrested thanks to a report by a woman from Thousand Oaks.

The woman, who has been fighting breast cancer for several years, went to the Natural Oncology Institute run by Vincent Gammill, 69, as a last resort. She said that she paid $2,000 for a three-day stay and soon developed a feeling that something just wasn’t right.

NYC Today reported that the woman, identified as “Fern,” claims she was given different remedies including a bag of dirt, which she questioned, but was assured by Gammill was fine.

Authorities acted on Fern’s tip and when they searched Gammill’s home, he allegedly had many powerful drugs such as morphine stored there. Some the drugs were past their expiration date.

Police believe others were victimized and are asking them to come forward.

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