Must Watch Videos–Tori Kelly, Meghan Trainor, Eminem –July 13, 2015

The weekend is over and everyone is recovering from the weekend. Its now back to the reality of work and school but while you are going through the weekly routine, why not check out the most popular, unique and fun music videos featured on YouTube. From country to pop this countdown has it covered. We have organized the top ten music videos to watch this week so you don’t have to.

This week features a variety of artists that are up and coming in the music industry. From Tori Kelly, who is starting to be a regular on this countdown, to The Karma Killers and The Bird and The Bee, these acts are proving that doing something outside of the box musically can have huge rewards.

This countdown also features two singles from the upcoming soundtrack to Southpaw. Eminem has teamed up with Gwen Stefani for “Kings Never Die” and has released the equivalent of a short film to support “Phenomenal.” The music video is complete with superhero scale action and a cameo that will leave audiences talking.

What are you watching this week and what is your favorite video on this countdown? Let us know which music videos you are watching and which is your favorite video out of our top ten recap.

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10. Tori Kelly-First Heartbreak (Top of the Tower)

Tori Kelly is becoming a regular on this countdown. Kelly is on top of the iconic Capitol Records tower and is singing out her powerful and emotional single, “First Heartbreak.” Kelly is one to watch in this industry because her talent is natural, powerful and magnificent.

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9. Eminem ft. Gwen Stefani-Kings Never Die

Eminem and Gwen Stefani have teamed up for another single off of the upcoming Southpaw soundtrack. Eminem has teamed up with a few female powerhouses before, Rihanna and P!nk, but this team up with Stefani brings out a different feeling. It’s gritty and Stefani’s vocals complements Eminem’s rap skills in a way that feels natural and commanding. Southpaw has yet to be judged by audiences and critics but the soundtrack is making a massively good first impression.

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8. The Bird and The Bee-Los Angeles

The Bird and The Bee want to explain what Los Angeles is actually like. This is the video on the countdown that is fun, fresh and totally original.

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7. The Karma Killers-Domino

The Karma Killers are taking catchy rock ‘n’ roll to a whole new level. Imagine if the Killers, Jessie J and Neon Lights morphed into one band. That would be Karma Killers. The band is up and coming but with a hit like this, they could skyrocket to the top of the charts any day now.

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6. Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend-Like I’m Gonna Lose You

Meghan Trainor has teamed up with John Legend for her latest single, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.” This is a softer and more romantic side to Trainor and the change musically is refreshing.

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5. Parachute-Crave

Parachute is known for their subtle melodies and creative storytelling but “Crave” turns up the melody and becomes an extremely catchy rock ‘n’ roll tune. It’s the band in a different light and it’s refreshing.

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4. American Authors-Go Big or Go Home

American Authors first arrived on the scene with their single “Best Day Of My Life.” Now the band is back with another pop anthem, “Go Big or Go Home.” The single has a few different changes that make it feel more modern and upbeat compared to their first single.

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3. Halsey-New Americana

Halsey is currently on tour opening for Imagine Dragons and is building a large fan following along the way. Halsey describes her latest single, as about being inclusive to all different kinds of races, cultures and beliefs.

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2. Kenny Chesney-Save It for a Rainy Day

Country superstar Kenny Chesney has released his new music video for “Save It for a Rainy Day” and despite the title, the music video is filled with sun and good times. This is a classic Chesney video; it features a tropical paradise, catchy melody and his smooth delivery.

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1. Eminem- Phenomenal

This video does contain language and violence.

This is the second time that Eminem is appearing on the countdown with his music video for “Phenomenal” which is the first single off of the Southpaw soundtrack. The music video feels like a cross between The Avengers/Daredevil/Mad Max: Fury Road. The almost eight minute long short film is an adrenaline thrill ride that is complete with action sequences and a special cameo that will shock audiences.

Rolling Stone featured the video on their site after it debuted on Apple Music.

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