‘Chasing Life’ Recap: ‘As Long as We Both Shall Live’

On this week’s episode of Chasing Life, April receives news about her clinical trial and struggles to adjust to married life with Leo, Brenna and Finn have a misunderstanding, and Beth goes on a date with a new guy.

The episode opens with April having moved into Leo’s apartment. They’re still adjusting to married life and need to figure out a “system” for splitting up chores, because their place is a mess. Leo says he doesn’t want his job to cause everything to fall on April and reassures her they’ll figure something out.

Cue opening theme.

Beth accompanies April to the hospital for a blood transfusion. If all goes well, April should have her genome test results, which means she can start a new clinical trial. Until then, the blood transfusion is to help her feel a little stronger. While at the hospital, Beth and April are approached by a pharmaceutical representative named, Josh who offers to take Beth on a date.

Simultaneously, the Carver house is lonely without April and Emma—who’s off on a trip—so Brenna shares an awkward breakfast with her mother, Sara. When Sara mentions the film festival Brenna entered, Brenna says she didn’t get in. Later, when George arrives, she tells Sara she joined an LGBTQ club at her new school and is attending a meeting. When Brenna leaves, George asks Sara if she’s really okay with him dating May, because he sensed tension between them on April’s wedding day and Sara informs him she’s reconnected with William and they’re now dating.

April meets up with George and Dr. Hamburg and they tell her she can’t do the new clinical trial yet. April understands but is still upset; her symptoms are wearing her down and preventing her from work on her book. George promises her they’ll find an alternative.

Brenna hangs out with members of the LGBTQ club at school and things take a down turn when peers, Andrew and Mariah think being bisexual means constantly changing one’s mind about what gender they’re attracted to. Brenna insists this isn’t true, though the others aren’t so easily convinced.

Later, April and Leo still have trouble fully assimilating into married life in their cramped apartment and Leo says they need to move to a bigger home where they can both have space.

April and her mother go shopping and Sara buys clothes for her upcoming 10K. When she asks April about married life, April tells her she needs more privacy. She also mentions meeting Leo’s co-workers for happy hour.

Brenna vents to Finn about Andrew and Mariah and Finn shares updates about his cancer. When Andrew and Mariah interrupt and cause more trouble for Brenna by insisting that she and Finn are a couple, Brenna says she’s not interested in Finn at all.

April plays video games with her uncle George and he fills her in on the new clinical trial. The drugs will be available for AML in a few weeks, but getting into trials can be competitive. The drugs are being manufactured by a company called Pharkas and George is going to see if he can pull a few strings. Later, George asks April about reading his brother’s manuscript.

April meets Leo’s co-workers and becomes upset about talk of the future, specifically having children. The next morning, April brings this up to Leo, admitting she’s surprised Leo wants to have kids. Leo admits he’s gone back and forth with the idea in the past, but he does want a family down the road. He wants April to be healthy first, though.

April visits Beth at her apartment and helps her with a fashion project. She also mentions the clinical trial and the new drug being manufactured with Pharkas, hoping Beth will go on a date with the drug rep, Josh they met at the hospital. Initially reluctant, Beth eventually agrees to help April, since she knows how important April’s health is.

Sara prepares to go running with William when he unexpectedly shows up at her house. Having lied to George that she and William are dating, she tries to be affectionate with her friend before George realizes something’s off.

April and Leo have dinner at the Carver house and April’s family asks if they’ve made any progress on finding a new house. When Leo lets slip he wants to find a bigger place so they have an extra room for a potential child in the future, April gets upset again. When they talk privately later, April says she doesn’t want kids anymore and now that Leo is healthy, he’s forgotten how to live in the moment. April doesn’t think they can—or should—plan for the future.

The next morning, April tells George about her and Leo’s fight and admits she feels like she’s holding him back. April wants to do something special to apologize since she still feels guilty she and Leo couldn’t go on their honeymoon. She also brings her father’s manuscript for George to read.

Meanwhile, Beth goes out with Josh and Josh seems to suspect that her intentions aren’t entirely innocent. He says that if Beth enjoys their date, they have to go on a second one.

Finn tells Brenna she hurt his feelings when she said she’d never date him, because he already has trouble with girls due to his cancer. Brenna tries to apologize, but Finn brushes her off.

Later, Beth and Brenna help April with her surprise for Leo—a makeshift honeymoon to Italy in their apartment—and April thanks Beth for going out with Josh. When Beth says she’s seeing Josh again and hoping to score more details about the new AML drug, April asks her if she’s starting to like him for real. Meanwhile, Brenna wonders how she should apologize to Finn and April gives her some sisterly advice.

Sara and William discuss George and William being Sara’s “beard.” Sara says she lied because she didn’t want George to pity her and that she and William can break up once George leaves. William tells her that if she really wants a boyfriend, she should go out and get one.

Things heat up between Beth and Josh and Beth confesses she went out with him only so she could help April. She also admits she’s actually grown to like him. Josh understands and appreciates the effort she made to help her friend. They share an intense make out.

Meanwhile, George shreds Thomas’ manuscript and April and Leo share a heart-to-heart once he arrives home to her Italy surprise. Later, they get intimate.

The next morning, Sara comes clean to George and admits that she’s happy being single, Brenna encourages her peers at LGBTQ club not to generalize and makes things good again with Finn.

Simultaneously, when April wakes up, she discovers Leo’s not breathing and calls 911.

End of episode.

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Chasing Life airs every Monday at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

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