Top 10 Funniest Dog Videos

October 08 15:35 2015

Dogs are often called “Man’s best friend,” because they are forever happy, loyal, and forgiving. Also because cats are too self centered to be in the running. Many times our best friends will do hilarious things that have been captured on camera, in most cases without their consent. After an extensive search, the 10 funniest dog videos were located and have been ranked below.

when dogs mimic peoples’ behaviors it can be quite humorous. In this video, a bull dog takes it to an extreme by mirroring exactly what the common man does when he gets home from work and plops onto the couch.

The mambo is a flirtatious dance that polarizes an audience with its quick tempo and catchy beat. Many people have argued that the dance would be even better if someone would dress up a Labrador retriever like a woman and dance with it. Thankfully, that has happened. In this video the dog’s owner goes before a live audience to show us how hard it is to train a dog to Mambo, and how easy it is to be single for the rest of your life.

Holding on at number eight, a father attempts to teach his baby how to complete a high five, but the teaching session is disrupted by the family dog who repeatedly intercepts the father’s hand with his own high five. When the baby grew up and went to elementary school his dog was doing his homework for him, before eating it.

In this video the dog, who is gnawing on a bone, becomes increasingly alarmed when he notices what appears to be his hungry and jealous back leg approaching. Acting on his animal instincts to protect his food, the dog begins ferociously barking at his own foot. A showdown erupts as the foot tries to explain to the dog that it’s his foot, but to no avail.

On a dog training show an otherwise rowdy dog becomes fixated by a platter of cupcakes, staring at it with deep, longing eyes as if the cupcake were a drug. After the show the cupcakes were cut up and sold to a Pit Bull who was reportedly headed to Charlie Sheen’s house.

At number five, this Chihuahua makes a daring escape from his enclosure proving that you can build a wall, but he and his friends will find a way around it. After watching this, U.S. officials sent Cesar Milan to help with the border war efforts.

The Chihuahua strikes again. When a bigger dog disrespects this Chihuahua he seeks revenge by lifting his leg up, and marking his territory on the bigger dog’s back. After the bold maneuver the Chihuahua strutted off camera, put on his member’s only jacket, and took a Dalmatian out for drinks.

In this video, an owner gives his dog some treats from the family. He tests the dog’s street smarts by offering him a treat from the “dog catcher,” which the dog refuses to eat.

An owner confronts her three dogs about a crime committed by one of them while she was away. The dogs pretended at first to be street hardened mutts who don’t snitch until the interrogation heats up at which point they break down and tattle on the culprit.

1. Dogs often lay on their side and when in a deep slumber kick their legs wildly in the air as they run in their dreams. This dog does the same thing, except he adds a twist by standing up in the middle of it. At number one, the reason you should never let a lying dog lie.



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