Top 10 Greatest Soap Super Couples

October 08 16:37 2015

All of these couples have endured many of the typical soap problems and some not so typical. But despite some breaking up for long periods and reuniting or even dying, their love stories were unforgettable in the minds of all soap fans.

10. One Life to Live – Nora Gannon & Bo Buchannan (Hilary B. Smith & Robert S. Woods) A lawyer and a cop, together Nora & Bo were the quirkiest couple to ever hit Llanview. Sure, they endured the usual soap problems, adultery, kidnappers, etc. but, how many couples can say that Little Richard came to their wedding?

9. Days of our Lives – Hope Williams & Bo Brady (Kristian Alfonso & Peter Reckell) The girl next door and the rebel. Hope & Bo met and their lives forever changed. I mean, seriously, what woman doesn’t a want a man to ride in on his motorcycle on your wedding day, declare his adoration and save you from a loveless marriage?

8. One Life to Live – Marty Saybrooke & Patrick Thornheart (Susan Haskell & Thorsten Kaye) Talk about a super couple, Patrick and Marty endured the Irish mob, overcoming her rape, even him coming back from the dead but despite it all, the poet and the upstart turned doctor got their happy ending.

7. One Life to Live – Gigi Morasco & Rex Balsom (Farrah Fath & John-Paul LaVoisier) Gigi & Rex’s story began when they were kids, circumstances kept them apart until chance reunited them. They conquered their son Shane’s illness, her sister Stacy saying he fathered her child and trying to steal Gigi’s identity and countless other soap mishaps but in the end, not even time travel could keep them apart.

6. All My Children – Gillian Andrassy & Ryan Lavery (Esta Terblanche & Cameron Mathison) Ryan & Gillian never meant to fall in love but you can’t fight fate. What began as a loveless marriage became a love that would transcend even death. Though Ryan lost Gillian via a bullet and a case of mistaken identity, she taught him how to love and would always be his “princess.”

5. Days of our Lives – Dr. Marlena Evans & John Black (Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn) What haven’t Marlena and John faced? Back from the dead lovers, kidnappings, brain washing even demonic possession. Any couple who could go through all that and still be together is one super couple.

4. General Hospital – Sam McCall & Jason Morgan (Kelly Monaco & Steve Burton) He’s a hit man and she’s a con woman turned private investigator. Together, they are a force to reckoned with and they steam up the screen like no other. Though currently mourning the supposed death of her newborn son, JaSam fans know that this couple will find their way back to each other because no soap secret stays a secret for long.

3. General Hospital – Elizabeth Webber & Lucky Spencer (Rebecca Herbst & Jonathan Jackson) No one ever forgets their first love. Following her brutal rape, Lucky became Elizabeth’s hero. A boxcar and a guitar was all it took for these two to find that perfect love. I mean, what girl wouldn’t fall for a guy who writes a song named after her?

2. All My Children – Greenlee Smythe & Leo du Pres (Rebecca Budig & Josh Duhamel) He was a scoundrel and she was a rich b***h but when Leo and Greenlee met, their chemistry was undeniable and fans saw it. Though Greenlee “lost” Leo, loyal AMC fans still think she will never love anyone like she loved Leo.

1. General Hospital/Port Charles – Lucy Coe & Kevin Collins (Lynn Herring & Jon Lindstrom) IMO, hands down, the funniest, zaniest couple to ever hit daytime. Between the hilarious mishaps before they made love for the first time, (Remember, Kevin slipping in the bathtub or his allergy reaction to mussels?) contending with “The Bet,” countless misunderstandings, some cross-dressing, a homicidal twin brother and even vampires, Lucy & Kevin made fans root for them to overcome every obstacle that faced them. Hey, a vampire slayer and a psychiatrist together (and don’t forget Sigmund, their pet duck), how could soap fans not fall in love right along with them?



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