Top 10 ‘True Blood’ Sex Scenes

October 08 16:38 2015
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When you think about True Blood, chances are you think of two things: hot vampires, and crazy sex scenes that literally could only be shown on HBO, so good thing it is. In honor of everyone’s favorite R-rated vampire show, here’s a list of some of the sex scenes throughout the series! There are definitely a bunch more that are crazy and hot and intense, but here’s just a few to get your palate wet, so to speak.

10. Remember when Jason Stackhouse was hooked on “V” and was dating that very hippie-ish girl Amy? Well pretty much any sex scene they had while both completely high on the vampire blood was insane. He doesn’t mess around when it comes to these things, or I suppose he does mess around and that’s how he got the reputation he did?

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