Coldplay’s new album includes vocals from Gwyneth Paltrow, Blue Ivy and Chris Martin’s girlfriend Annabelle Wallis

Coldplay has some interesting collaborators on their new album Head Full of Dreams and they’re all women in frontman Chris Martin’s life.

Martin has revealed ahead of the album’s Dec. 4 release that not only is Beyonce on one of the songs, but her daughter Blue Ivy’s vocals are also featured. Surprisingly, his ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, will also be heard in a song.

“Everyone who got asked to sing on our album has an important part in our lives,” Martin told the Wall Street Journal.

“The ‘choir’ started with my two kids coming in after school and recording,” he said about his kids with Paltrow; Apple and Moses.

“We recorded Blue Ivy Carter in New York when her mom Beyoncé was in the studio. It comes from learning about Greek tragedy, where the chorus chimes in at times. To me, when we use that sound, it’s to affirm what I’m saying. ‘We agree with you, Chris. Keep singing.’”

Paltrow is featured on the song “Everglow.” Martin explained, “The colors we’re missing within the band we tried to bring in with guests and other producers.”

Martin’s new girlfriend, Annabelle Wallis, is also featured on Head Full of Dreams.

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