China Fun restaurant, make the most of your experience

If you want a delicious and fun experience,  China Fun located at 1221 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10065 may be your place to go and it may not, each person will have a different view of their experience. You can go and form your own opinions. I, personally didn’t have the best experience.

Now don’t get me wrong, no place is perfect. But my experience could have been better than it was. My sister and I were seated. My sister got us our soups and the hot tea.

Our waitress, which also had a hard time understanding us because of the language barrier, made it difficult to put orders in. Not to mention, she did not have a pleasant personality. 

For our orders my sister, who is a vegetarian, got their Shrimp with Lobster Sauce and I ordered a Singapore Style Curry Flavored Chow Mei Fun.

When we received our orders my sister started eating and found a piece of meat in the lobster sauce. She asked me to taste it to verify that it is meat. It was in fact a piece of ground pork mixed into the sauce in her dish. This is a vegetarian’s nightmare!

We asked the waitress about the dish and she just kept telling us what is in the dish. We tried to explain to her that the dish should not have meat in it. She then sent the manager over, who insisted that pork being inside the dish is a “thing.” I then explained to him that it is not a “thing” and that the dish should not have meat in it. We went back and forth for a moment, but then I told him that if there is meat in a dish then it should be listed in the menu so a consumer who is a vegetarian doesn’t get meat in their food that should otherwise be meatless.

mixed veggies (4) I asked him to bring the menu over so I can point out that the dish did not list meat being served in it. He seemed upset that the menu didn’t list it. I give kudos to him for trying to make a bad situation better. He made the waitress take the dish with meat away and sent over a fresh dish that had no meat in it. This manager gets bonus points for being in this situation as he rectified the meat in the dish dilemma, even though now both my sister and myself have a poor taste in our mouths.

After that happened, it appeared that they rolled the red carpet out when they should have been this way from the start. The manager switched out our not-so-pleasant-waitress for one with a better disposition. Whenever we picked up our heads, all the waitresses would make their way towards us as if now they were on high alert. This new waitress we had was pleasant and she seemed to care a bit more about us. She was talkative and tended to all our needs and wants, but only because of what had happened, which is a shame.

The restaurant was pretty empty compared to how many food deliveries were going out, which is typical for a Chinese food eatery that has dine-in and takeout.

The meals themselves were nothing to write home about. If I was a person who lived or worked in the area of China Fun, it would not be a place I would consider going to for a second time.

I am originally from New York City and currently live in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and my sister lives in Winfield, Alabama. She was visiting at the time so I took her as my guest and drove several miles from Pa for “this type of experience.”

After we left, we actually stopped by a hot dog stand to get the NYC foods we enjoyed so much when we lived there. We grabbed knishes, soft pretzels and dirty water dogs. The foods that we know and love made this trip worth it. I rated the overall experience with one star while my sister told me I was being too kind.

China Fun needs to step it up if they want to bring in more business.

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