Chipotle linked to another E. coli outbreak

As Chipotle Mexican Grill had been hoping to move forward and put the recent E. coli outbreak behind it, the restaurant has now been linked to another outbreak.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Monday that it is looking into to five new cases of E. coli reported from diners who became sickened after eating at Chipotle restaurants in North Dakota, Kansas and Oklahoma.

“One of the challenges here has been that we have been able to identify the restaurants where people ate, but because of the way Chipotle does its record-keeping, we have been unable to figure out what food is in common across all those restaurants,” said Dr. Ian Williams, chief of the CDC’S outbreak and prevention branch.

As we previously reported, dozens of people fell ill after eating at the chain restaurant last month.

Obviously, the past news of an E.coli outbreak has negatively impacted Chipotle’s sales and stocks and after this latest news, stocks fell 3.5 percent to $522.01.

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