Scorned wife throws husband’s mistress in a river (Video)

A disturbing video of a woman throwing another woman off a bridge and into a river has gone viral, thanks to the alleged story behind it. It turns out that the woman who lands in the river was the mistress of the other woman’s husband.

The scene was filmed with a phone in Brazil, reports The Daily Mail. It shows the woman yelling and screaming at the mistress and pulls her out to a road. Another man and woman can be seen watching the fight in shock.

While the mistress struggles to escape the wife’s grasp, another person helps the wife and grabs the mistress’ legs. The two then toss the mistress over a bridge and she lands in the water. It’s not clear if the mistress suffered any injuries after the fall.

The video was first shared on LiveLeak and has been played over 352,000 times there. It was uploaded on the site five days ago.

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