‘Tales from the Crypt’ reboot might not include the Crypt Keeper (Rumor)

Tales from the Crypt fans rejoiced yesterday when the news of a reboot was announced, but they may have celebrated too soon.

A new rumor reported by Bloody Disgusting suggests that the TNT reboot will not include the Crypt Keeper because HBO owns the rights to the character. They suggest that instead the show will be hosted by an old man with a cane sitting in front of a fireplace.

While it’s still just an unconfirmed rumor, the voice actor behind the Crypt Keeper, John Kassir, has been tweeting up a storm demanding that the Crypt Keeper return, which might imply he’s privy to these discussions.

Could this be true and could TNT have purchased the rights to the show but not the Crypt Keeper character? If the rumor is correct, perhaps TNT has bought the rights to the original comic but not to the TV show. The Crypt Keeper we all know and love was created by HBO and did not originate in the comic series from the 1950s.

The Tales from the Crypt rumors don’t stop there. Bloody Disgusting suggests that the show will not be a weekly anthology, but will instead be a season long arc like American Horror Story. Though this format has become increasingly popular lately, it’s hard to imagine doing a Tales from the Crypt show with an ongoing storyline, so let’s just hope this rumor is totally bogus.

Tales from the Crypt will debut this fall.

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