‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: ‘We’ve All Got Baggage’

On this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, growing suspicions are cast on Melissa, Emily goes looking for answers at The Two Crows’ Diner and Ella and Byron re-marry in an intimate ceremony.

Emily, Hanna and Ali break into Sara Harvey’s hotel room at the Radley. With Sara having suddenly left town, it’s the perfect opportunity for the girls to fill Ali in on what Spencer and Aria found. When the girls break in, they find the room a total mess and the hole in Sara’s closet is suddenly gone. To make matters worse, Ali still has trouble believing Sara is responsible for torturing them. The girls begin to argue, but pause when they hear noise outside the closet. From the slat in the door, they see a maid enter. The girls wait until they think she has left, then head out themselves. After the girls go, the maid re-emerges from behind a corner and peels off a mask. It’s their new stalker.

Cue opening theme.

Spencer asks Caleb about his progress on handling the files on Yvonne’s phone. Caleb was able to corrupt them without the opposition being able to trace it back to him. Spencer is glad, but worries about the possibility of an ambush right before the election. Caleb understands and makes her breakfast in an attempt to re-direct her energy. Enter a panicked Emily, who’s about to go to the Bursar’s Office at Hollis and wants Spencer to accompany her to the Radley later to check out the hole in Sara’s closet again. Spencer says Sara is playing on Emily’s fear. Emily points out that what she’s feeling is justified; Sara’s their only suspect. It’s then that Spencer mentions Melissa’s broken suitcase, but insists that her sister was away and therefore isn’t responsible. Emily’s not so easily convinced.

Meanwhile, Aria wonders how to tell Ezra that she’s been writing chapters of his book. Liam suggests she simply come clean.

Hanna helps Ella pick out a wedding dress. Ella wants it to be elegant, since the first time she married Byron they were cynical college kids with no money. Hanna also avoids Ella’s questions about her wedding to Jordan.

Emily visits the Bursar’s Office at Hollis to sign up for classes. While there, she meets Damian, who invites her to a lecture that evening. The talk is being given by their Intro. to Psych professor, and Damian is looking to score some brownie points before the class starts. Emily agrees to go with him.

Melissa returns from her trip, and Spencer confronts Veronica about her cancer diagnosis. Spencer advises her mother to tell potential voters before the other side leaks it to the press. Veronica obliges.

Ali receives her first text from the PLLs’ new stalker.

Byron asks Aria to be the officiant for his and Ella’s wedding. Initially, Aria doesn’t seem too keen on the idea, but eventually she changes her mind.

Spencer tells Caleb that Ali got her first text from their new stalker before spotting Melissa on the phone in her car outside the barn. When Melissa catches up to them, Spencer and Caleb question her about her broken suitcase, but Melissa has an explanation. Later, Caleb tells Spencer he knows Melissa is lying.

Aria tells Ezra she wrote chapters of his book while he was away. Stunned, Ezra asks to see what Aria wrote. When he comes around, he jokes that her work is probably better than his own.

Hanna brings Ella her dress and asks to assist with additional wedding festivities. Enter Aria, who’s surprised to learn that Hanna is helping her mother prepare for the ceremony. Aria says she purposely didn’t invite any of her friends because she didn’t know if Hanna would be cool with seeing Spencer and Caleb together in such an intimate setting. Hanna says Spencer and Caleb don’t pose a problem and that she’s happy for them.

Ali tells Elliott she revealed their relationship to Charlotte on the night she was killed and wonders if she betrayed her sister by sending her straight into the arms of her killer. Elliott retorts, saying Charlotte probably felt more betrayed by him since he was her doctor.

Emily lets Hanna know about the lecture with Damian and shares her suspicions about Melissa. Hanna mentions a box from Hollis that was dropped off earlier. When Emily opens the box, she finds a book of baby names and a note, which reads: “You need to start talking before our baby does.” Both girls are horrified.

At The Brew, Spencer and Caleb watch Veronica deliver a newscast in which she reveals her cancer diagnosis. A beat later, Hanna joins them and shares a memory of when she bumped into Melissa in London. Melissa was upset that Charlotte shared private information about her with Wren—presumably about Bethany Young—and attempted to call her from Hanna’s phone. Hanna wouldn’t let her, causing a fight between the pair. With this in mind, Hanna thinks there’s a good chance that Melissa killed Charlotte. Before Hanna leaves, she asks Spencer about the sneaky blogger from Hollis who tried to play her and Melissa.

Emily meets up with Damian, who suggests they grab coffee before attending the lecture. A text from Hanna warns Emily that Damian is a reporter, and that she shouldn’t trust him. Emily heeds Hanna’s message, but continues to keep up the charade in front of Damian, offering to grab dinner with him instead.

Liam and Ezra chat, while Ezra waits for Aria at the Radley’s bar. When Ezra accidentally divulges his prior romantic history with Aria, Liam is shocked and storms off angrily. Enter Aria, who tries to smooth things over unsuccessfully.

Later, Aria calls Liam in an attempt to apologize.

Hanna hems Ella’s dress and the pair shares an important conversation about old loves. Simultaneously, Hanna ignores a phone call from Jordan.

Ali reads over the text she received from the girls’ stalker–and sends a reply–when Elliott shows up. He thinks Ali’s avoiding him, but she says that’s not true. He doesn’t want Ali to push him away because she feels guilty about what happened to her sister. Elliott says that he loves her and proposes spontaneously. Ali is a bit surprised, but happy.

Spencer learns that her mother’s campaign could be in trouble. The Phillips’ camp is accusing the Hastings’ camp of leaking damaging information about Yvonne, and a full-on investigation of the Hastings’ campaign office is being conducted.

Emily visits The Two Crows’ Diner following a lead from Damian and is almost hit by a mysterious black car. After several more attempts, it is clear that Emily is the driver’s intended target.

Ella and Byron re-marry, with Aria as their officiant. Simultaneously, Aria notices Liam among the wedding guests.

Emily struggles to find reception when the car nearly clips her and runs over her phone. She climbs onto the roof of the diner and finds the missing handle from Melissa’s suitcase.

Spencer and Caleb wonder who produced the leak when Veronica storms into the barn. Veronica claims that the source of the leak has been traced back to Spencer’s IP address, but Spencer insists she had nothing to do with it. Unwilling to let Spencer take the blame, Caleb lies and says it was him. Veronica kicks him off the campaign and asks him to leave.

Emily stays on the roof until she sees the car drive off. When she climbs down, the car returns, so she retreats to her hiding spot, dropping the suitcase handle. Moments later, the handle is gone, and the car is, too.

Aria talks to Liam after her parents’ wedding and apologizes for not being honest with him. She admits being confused about her feelings toward Ezra, but now thinks she’s clear on what her heart’s telling her. Kissing Liam, Aria shows her new beau that she’s done pining over her old lover.

Hanna cleans up after the wedding and tries on the veil she brought for Ella. She finally returns Jordan’s call to tell him she’s set a date for their impending nuptials: May 17.

Caleb packs his things. Upset, Spencer begs him to tell her mother the truth, but Caleb shuts her down. He instructs her to watch Melissa instead. Tearfully, Spencer hugs and kisses him goodbye.

Emily returns home and tells Hanna about her ordeal. Emily’s sure there’s more than one person involved.

Ali and Elliott drop in on Aria and Liam. They want to get married immediately and ask Aria to be their officiant. Aria is visibly caught off guard.

The PLLs’ new stalker continues his or her plotting.

End of episode.

Pretty Little Liars airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Freeform.


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