Pusheen Box subscription spring unboxing review


The Pusheen Box is a subscription service that mails official pre-release and exclusive items featuring Pusheen the cat to your door on a seasonal basis. They include all kinds of goodies ranging from clothing and accessories to electronics, toys and stationery and everything in between. They often include items you can’t get anywhere else.

I’m a huge fan of this kitty internet sensation, so I immediately signed up when I saw the box. It’s a bit pricey, but because it only comes out four times per year, I could rationalize the buy by breaking it down monthly. I’ll give you a look at what I received in the spring box and let you know whether you should bother signing up.

The subscription is sent in a plastic mailer. Inside is the adorable cat box you see at the top of this article. Face on the front, stripes on the top, tail in the back and feet underneath. It’s so cute, I can’t part with it. I’m going to use it to store something – I just need to figure out what. Inside the box, everything is packed carefully so it all arrives in good shape.


First items in the box are a 3-pack of Pusheen socks, three pins with post backs and a key cover. The socks are soft and comfortable and each one features Pusheen eating something different. One is a cookie, one is pizza and the last is a doughnut. They’re very nice in quality.

The pins are metal and sturdy with rubber backs. They include the same food items as the socks and are quite cute.

The key cover is rubber and shows Pusheen lounging with one eye open – typical cat. It has a metal ball chain to attach it to your key ring so you don’t have to worry about ripping the rubber, which I think is a nice touch. I’ve had too many key covers deteriorate and rip over the years.


Next in the box is an umbrella, planter/office-supply holder and sticker set. I haven’t used the umbrella in the rain yet, but it’s absolutely adorable. It highlights Pusheen’s face repeatedly and has a black plastic handle with wrist loop. We were in need of a second umbrella in my home, so this was a welcome goodie.

The planter is ceramic and is shaped like Pusheen’s round little body. There’s a hole in the bottom for water to drain out. The card I got with it said you could also use it for storing small items around the house, but I immediately threw a plant in it. My fiancé had accidentally broken its pot earlier this week, so getting the planter seemed like kismet.

The stickers are large and good quality. There are three identical cards’ worth and they again focus on Pusheen with food.


Last in the box are my favorite items. You may have guessed by reading my food articles that I love to cook and bake, so kitchen goodies are always appreciated. Enclosed in the package were a Pusheen baker’s apron, a matching baking figurine and a Pusheen-shaped cookie cutter/press.

The figurine is a rubberized plastic material and is quite large. I plan to put her on a shelf in my kitchen to watch over me as I make yummy treats.

The apron has the same pose silk-screened onto it. I was a little worried about the size because I’m a big girl, but it fits just fine. I can’t wait to put it to use.

The final item is the cookie cutter. It has a spring-loaded handle that presses Pusheen’s face into the cookies as you cut them. How cute is that? I plan on baking a big batch of kitty cookies this weekend just to try it out.


So, altogether there were nine items in the box. With shipping and New York state tax, I paid around $50 for this subscription. That breaks down to around $5.50 per item. Judging by what I received, I think that’s definitely a deal. Some items would sell for more, some for less, but I think the total of everything received would have been much higher individually than what I paid for the set. The price is absolutely worth the happiness this box brings me.

Are you a fan of Pusheen the cat? Does her little face make you chipper for no reason? Try out the Pusheen Box. Orders for the summer box will be opening soon. You don’t want to miss it!

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