OJ Simpson will take paternity test if Khloe Kardashian visits him, source says

O.J. Simpson’s name has been in the news a lot lately after the successful FX miniseries about his murder trial and now the riveting ESPN documentary focusing on his life and examining race and violence in this country. Well a new bombshell published report claims that Simpson has agreed to a paternity test to see if Khloe Kardashian is his daughter.

The Daily Mail has reported that Jeffrey Felix, a former Lovelock prison guard, has said the 68-year-old is willing to take a paternity test to determine whether Kardashian is his daughter, but only if the reality star visits him in jail.

Simpson and the late Robert Kardashian were good friends and their families were very close at the time of Nicole Brown Simpson’s murder. So while the New York Daily News noted that Kris Jenner admitted she was not always faithful to her ex-husband, she has maintained in the past that Robert is Khloe’s biological father. Felix, however, claims that the former athlete wants to see Khloe about the matter.

“He wants to talk to her about some other things too, but more importantly like her he wants to know if she is his daughter,” Felix said.

Simpson, who was acquitted of the 1994 murders of Nicole and Ron Goldman, is currently serving a prison sentence for a Las Vegas robbery and will be eligible for parole in 2017.

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