Cher apologizes after being slammed for tweet about Istanbul attack

Cher got a ton of backlash on social media after she sent out a tweet using the most inappropriate emojis possible following the terror attack at an airport in Istanbul earlier this week.

In a now-deleted post she sent out on June 28, the 70-year-old tweeted “WE ALL PRAY FOR INNOCENT PPL IN TURKEY AIRPORT.” The problem with that tweet is she used a bomb and explosion emoji at the end.

One Twitter user immediately wrote back to her questioning that emoji.

Others wrote to the her telling her that she “needs help” and to “grow up.”

The normally-unapologetic singer then tweeted another post in which she did apologize and this time used a much more appropriate emoji.

“Been thinking about my Poorly Placed, Insensitively Timed ‘bomb Emoji’. No Excuse,” she wrote with a broken heart. “I’m Used 2 Using Emoji 2Help Say More Than 140 Letters. Sorry.”

She later followed that up with another tweet that read, “No Twts 2day,Cause,Wanted2 Think About Sensitivity.Meant No Disrespect,But That’s Not Enough.”

The attack in Turkey has claimed the lives of 42 people so far.

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