‘Scream Queens’ recap: ‘Warts and All’

After Chanel #5 was left helpless with a killer, murdering the cured hairy patient, an investigation is underway on Scream Queens.

While no one believes Chanel #5’s story, it’s on to the next patient for the hospital of incurables. This time we meet Tyler, a patient covered in boils and desperate for any solution.

Once more Chanel tries to one up Zayday, but Zayday is more curious about Munsch’s motive in opening a hospital for those with obscure diseases. Does Munsch really want to kill off the Chanels and Zayday one by one using the killer, or is Zayday just jumping to conclusions?

Meanwhile, main Chanel has a movie date with Dr. Holt, in which she reveals the real reason she buys buttery popcorn.

“I’m not going to eat any of it,” Chanel tells Dr. Holt.

“See, I buy the biggest tub of popcorn they sell and have them cover it in butter.” Chanel rattles on, “And I secretly drop handfuls of it on the floor as the movie plays.”

Dr. Holt doesn’t understand the reasoning but Chanel says, “To make the fatties feel bad about themselves. Then, they feel terrible and eat more.” It’s her favorite hobby.

Photo courtesy of Michael Becker / FOX
Photo courtesy of Michael Becker / FOX

During the film when Dr. Holt’s transplant hand manhandles Chanel, you would think Chanel would feel standoffish, yet she’s even more attracted to the surgeon.

Back at the hospital, Chanel #5 complains to our new patient about her boy woes. Tyler, on the other hand, tells her about his own dilemma and finding the money for the laser surgery. After seeing a hot picture of what’s underneath Tyler’s boils, Chanel #5 thinks she has a good idea.

Later on that night, Chanel Oberlin has the late shift when she hears screaming. When the Red Devil caper appears, it seems like the past has caught up to Chanel. The big reveal, however, comes when under the mask is Chad pranking her. Chanel’s former boyfriend reveals he needs her help with his buddy, Randall, but more importantly, Chanel’s ex wants her back.

As Chad and Dr. Holt go back and forth in competing for Chanel, it’s revealed that Randall screams and flinches at every interval making him the perfect candidate for the hospital of incurables.

Speaking of incurables, Tyler appears in Chanel #5’s sad Sarah McLachlan video to ask for donations for his disease. Initially, Chanel #5 thought if she could cure Tyler, his former self would go out with her. Main Chanel points out that it would have the opposite effect and to strike now before he transitions back into his handsome state.

Digging through the archives, Zayday with the smitten candy striper Chamberlain, discover that a Halloween massacre had occurred following the year after the 1985 swamp incident, prompting them to wonder why Munsch had the hospital history erased.

On the comical front, Chad disturbs Dr. Holt at the employee showers only to have a face-off with him pulling curtains back and forth. Obviously threatened, Chad tries to undermine Dr. Holt, but the surgeon is teed up with confidence.

Getting to the bottom of the situation, Zayday and Chamberlain ask Munsch the real reason as to why she opened this hospital and the real reason might surprise you, but is Munsch playing Zayday?

The mystery thickens when Munsch asks Denise Hemphill for help. Along with Chanel and Chanel #3, Denise and Munsch pay a visit to Hester for insight. Knowing what she knows, Hester diabolically demands discontinued beauty products and a room with a view at Munsch’s hospital. The hospital isn’t ready for Hester’s insanity.

Questions to ponder until the next episode:

-Why do you think the serial killer is going after the patients?

-What do you think Chad will do with Dr. Holt’s secret?

-Are you Team Chad or Team Holt?

-Do you think Dr. Hoffel is behind the serial killing, or is that too obvious?

-We totally loved Hester’s appearance and her list of demands. How do you think Hester knows about the killings going around the hospital?

Tune in to Scream Queens every Tuesday on Fox at 9 p.m.

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