Britney Spears has another ‘Uh-oh!’ moment on stage (Video)

Oops! … the 34-year-old pop legend did it again!

On Saturday, Oct. 22, Britney Spears was performing “ I Love Rock ‘n Roll” in front of the crowd during her Vegas show when the halter strap on her bra top broke.

Two of her male dancers immediately ran to Spears’ aide and tried to fix the strap while still bouncing to the beat of the song. The other dancers upped their moves to distract the crowd from the catastrophe that was occurring behind them. And just when Britney and her crew thought they could get through the rest of the performance, the strap broke a second time.

Not to worry though, the pop princess has been in show biz long enough to know that when you want something done, you have to do it yourself. So Spears ended up holding her top up with her left hand and went on with the rest of her performance like a pro.


This time, however,  isn’t the first time the singer suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing on stage. Last October, it also happened during her song “3” when she was wearing an ultra-sheer black one-piece. Perhaps her moves were too much for that outfit to handle because the zipper split all the way down her back. She continued with her performance and a few times revealed her naked back to the audience to which the crowd responded with cheers.

And that’s why Britney is so adored by her many fans, she always gives an “extra” performance.

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