Remix of The Qemists ‘Warrior Sound’ by SeamlessR review

On Sept. 9, The Qemists Warrior Sound (SeamlessR remix) was released. This bass-heavy and dubstep-leaning version of the track is compelling.


On Sept. 9, The Qemists released “Warrior Sound (SeamlessR remix).” This piece reimagines the title track from The Qemists new album, which came out in March. The original is a rock guitar heavy – sometimes veering toward metal – electronic piece of driving music. Sparse vocals from two primary sources punctuate the track. Pushing listeners along, “Warrior Sound” has a loud, next gen freedom fighter feel about it.



SeamlessR is an audio engineer, who has a successful tutorial channel on YouTube. His bass-heavy inclinations seep into this remix in a captivating manner. Consequently, the “Warrior Sound” remix is darker and weightier than the original.

Beginning with a buzzing that sounds like an electronic wind-up, simple tones quickly begin to layer through the track. The result is an instantly dynamic and interesting arrangement. Ambient undertones remain throughout much of the piece, with distinct rhythmic counterpoints. It is as though SeamlessR replaced much of the guitar work from the original with straight percussion.

SeamlessR’s remix is more industrial and almost dubstep-infused overall. Driving and danceable beats permeate the track, with appealing grit. Meanwhile, dissipation and reassembly in composition prevent it from becoming repetitive.

“Warrior Sound (SeamlessR remix)” is a successful remix – honoring the original, while taking the track in a new direction. It grabs listener attention from the start and does not let go.


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