Priyanka Chopra is Pantene’s newest Global Brand Ambassador

Pantene announced Priyanka Chopra as its newest Global Brand Ambassador, joining the ranks of Selena Gomez and Ronda Rousey.

The 34-year-old Baywatch star will start appearing in commercials for the ‘Strong is Beautiful‘ campaign, but Chopra revealed the empowering feeling that goes along with being the newest Pantene girl.

“[Partnering with Pantene] is a really great brand fit because the brand talks about being strong and beautiful, and I think I’ve always said you have to be comfortable in your own skin,” Chopra told Allure. “Beauty is so subjective. Empowering women by believing strength in a woman is what makes her beautiful, makes us a really great fit.”

The philanthropist also noted the importance of how conditioning her hair has changed her routine.

“When I went to America in my teens in the late ’90s, conditioning was one of first few, not American, but Western rituals that I was introduced to—have not stopped since.” Chopra continues, “Now it’s become pretty prominent and everyone does it in India now, too, but at that time, we used to have shampoo and conditioner, but never a separate conditioner.”

However, the former Miss World 2000 winner credits her grandmother for teaching her to use coconut oil on scalp to get it to the healthy luscious state it’s in now.

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