Review of new Slime Girls track “Meteor Showers”

Slime Girls latest track  presents an interesting synth-punk-garage-rock sound that commands attention

On Dec. 20, Slime Girls released their latest track, “Meteor Showers.” This electronic project comes from the mind of musician Pedro Silva. The artist describes his music online as ‘laptop pop.’ As it is difficult to pin Silva’s music down to one box, that seems as good a title as any. The Los Angeles-based artist’s “Meteor Showers” presents an interesting synth-punk-garage-rock sound that commands attention.

Meteor Showers” opens with fast and loud percussion layered with synth melodies. Listeners therefore have a pretty good sense of it right from the start. When Silva’s voice enters, it evokes pop-punk bands of the late ‘90s/early 2000s. Unfettered and wrung out, the artist’s voice acts as counterpoint to smooth electronic elements in the background here.

Throughout this song, driving percussion acts as the backbone, tying each element together. “Meteor Showers” grabs audience attention and does not let it go until the end. Unfortunately, the short track fades away too quickly.

Slime Girls released a solid piece with this new single. Though, listeners are left wondering if perhaps it would have been more widely appreciated a decade or so ago. The tune feels like a brief but ephemeral window into something interesting. Audiences will certainly look forward to finding out what’s next from Silva and Slime Girls – and hope to have more to dig into in the near future.

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