‘The Vampire Diaries’ recap episode 807: ‘The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You’

This weekend’s The Vampire Diaries episode was the mid-season finale. Stefan tries to have the perfect Christmas Eve with Caroline before surrendering to Cade, only to have Sybil and Damon crash the party.

The show opens on a camp in 1917. Two children wake in a tent thinking they heard Santa. It turns out to be Stefan as the ripper.

Back in the present, Stefan decorates the house for a party. He doesn’t want to dwell on his separation from Caroline. Rick arrives with the girls, but says he can’t stay long. Before he can explain, Damon and Sybil step through the door. Rick thought he killed Damon, but Sybil saved him. This can’t be good for Rick.

Caroline calls Bonnie to tell her and Enzo not to come. They don’t want to take any chances of Enzo ending up under Sybil’s spell again. Caroline and Bonnie hatch a plan to get Sybil to tell them where she’s staying so they can find the tuning fork. It involves copious amounts of liquor.

Damon takes Stefan aside to find ornaments. Cade wants time with Stefan so Damon stakes him through the heart with a tree topper. Stefan wakes in a dream version of his home with Cade waiting for him. What can he want? Their deal doesn’t start until midnight.

Sybil offers to cut the turkey while she taunts Caroline. Mid-conversation, Sybil admits to conning rich men out of their homes outside of Grove Hill. Caroline calls Bonnie to tell her the news. Can she and Enzo save the day?

Caroline finds Stefan’s body. Damon threatens her life if she interferes.

Rick tries to find a way to convince his kids that Selene is a villain. Matt arrives at the party with his dad and Caroline has started drinking.

Cade shows Stefan his past as a killer in Monterey. Stefan claims he wasn’t there on Christmas. Whose recollection is correct?

Caroline passes out gifts to the guests in the spirit of forgiveness. Damon says his gift is to send the evilest person in the room straight to hell.

Enzo and Bonnie break into Sybil’s home, but Enzo can’t enter because the house still has an owner. Selene is there and has the owner invite him in. She offers them the weapon and asks for Bonnie’s phone. They call Rick and Selene says she’s needs to end the girls’ training so they will unlink from her. Rick tells her to drop dead. Go Rick!

Selene saw Stefan show remorse in Monterey, keeping a list of those he’d killed. She claimed his soul for Cade but didn’t eat him because she didn’t see evil in his mind, only anguish. It wasn’t his fault. She altered his memory so he wouldn’t know he’d killed the whole camp on Christmas Eve. Cade wants to use the ripper as his servant. Stefan refuses to be that man.

Selene wants a chance at redemption. She gives Enzo the fork and asks them to have Rick bring her the kids. Enzo says they’ll try. Will Rick give in?

Damon attacks Matt’s father and makes him confess to why he left his family. He says he was ashamed to stay and be a nobody. Damon chooses him as the worst person in the room.

Cade claims Stefan turned innocent Elena into something dark. He wants him to use that power to condemn those who might squeak by to heaven. He wants good people who can be made wicked. Stefan asks what happens if he refuses. Cade says he’ll take the twins when they come of age. Stefan offers to become the ripper for a year in exchange for his and Damon’s freedom when it’s done. Cade agrees.

Sybil accuses Matt’s father of having something she needs. She taps into his mind until Enzo comes in and bangs the tuning fork. Sybil and Damon flee. When they’re at a distance, Sybil asks for the present Caroline gave Damon. It’s Elena’s necklace. Will Damon finally feel something? We despair as he places it around Sybil’s neck, but then he tears out her heart and takes the necklace back. There may be hope for him yet.

The tuning fork hurt Bonnie’s ears. She realizes it attacks those with psychic energy. Enzo says they should flee to Paris. It’s his Christmas gift to her. Bonnie feels bad she only got him t-shirts.

Stefan awakes and kisses Caroline under the mistletoe. He tells Caroline his deal with Cade will be done in a year, but doesn’t tell her why. He wants his last seven minutes with her to be happy.

Rick meets with Selene. She tells the girls they’ll play a game and then forget her.

Matt drives his father home, but they don’t speak. Caroline lets the girls open their presents. Rick says they need to leave. How will Caroline survive without them?

Damon picks Stefan up in his car. Stefan notices Sybil is missing but Damon offers no explanation. He reminds Stefan he needs to flip his humanity switch which he does. Will the brothers ever be free of Cade? We’ll find out after the mid-season break!

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