Naomi Campbell shares her own Paris attack story, sympathizing with Kim Kardashian (Video)

Naomi Campbell revealed to Wendy Williams she was the victim of a terrifying Paris attack years prior to Kim Kardashian being held at gunpoint in the same city.

The 46-year-old model told the talk show host that a gang of robbers threatened to killed her in 2012 outside of the house of designer Azzedine Alaia.

“They followed me from the airport. They attacked me. They opened my car door and said, ‘Naomi Campbell, we’re going to kill you.'”

The British supermodel recalls being suspicious of her driver that night. He was not her usual driver and left her doors unlocked with the windows down in the rather frigid November weather.

She further went on to say how she believes the driver had to be on it.

“Thank God it was outside Azzedine Alaïa’s shop because that’s where you get the entrance to get into the house, because they came out and saved me, basically.”

Campbell did not want to go public with her attack, but said she sympathizes with Kim Kardashian who did do so after being robbed in Paris last October.

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