Review of new QTY two-track debut ‘Rodeo’ and ‘World Breaker’

QTY recently debuted their first two singles, “Rodeo” and “World Breaker.” Their home rock scene of New York unmistakably influences the duo’s music.

QTY recently debuted their first two singles titled “Rodeo” and “World Breaker.” The songs are presently available as individual digital tracks or combined in a 7” format – something that speaks to their mixture of old school and modern vibes. Their home rock scene of New York unmistakably influences the duo’s sound. Immersed in the city’s musical history, but accessible and ready for the next generation, QTY is off to a solid start.



Rodeo” is pushed along by guitar riffs, which evoke NY’s gritty downtown rock scene. Layered throughout the track is relatively upbeat percussion, creating an engaging dynamic. Dan Lardner’s voice leads the way with seemingly intentional rough edges – sometimes evoking a Dylan-esque sense, sometimes reminding listeners of the early years of punk rock. Alex Niemetz’s softer voice acts as a strong counterpoint, making the song accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Next up, “World Breaker” takes the tempo down a notch. Slow and weighted percussion immediately sets the tone here. Lardner’s deep and resonating vocals work to immerse listeners. Then, when Niemetz enters her smooth and slightly distant vocal quality draws listeners even further in. Here, QTY demonstrates their ability to capture an audience with the up-tempo and catchy or the slow and steady.

The material across both tracks feels real and relatable. Though there is clear artistry involved here, the pair stops shy of undue flourishes. Both tunes seem grounded in life and the streets of New York. Audiences will look forward to hearing more from QTY.

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