Trailer Park: Matthew McConaughey hopes to strike ‘Gold’ at the box office

The new films hitting theaters this weekend feature intriguing subject matter. Topics that range from gold to zombies and even a dog are the focus of this week’s new releases.

For his role as a real life gold prospector, Matthew McConaughey packed on over forty pounds. A down on his luck man sets his sights on finding gold in an untapped territory in Gold. Following a dream, he joins forces with a geologist and heads out into the Indonesian jungle. After much defeat, they finally hit the jackpot. Making it rich brings more than glory, there’s a ruthless battle to keep the fortune. Matthew McConaughey stars in the drama alongside Edgar Ramirez and Bryce Dallas Howard. The two hour and one minute film is based on a true story. It’s rated R for language, sex and nudity.

Alice spearheads the battle against the undead in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. In what may be the last chance for humanity, she, along with a few other apocalypse survivors face the evil Umbrella Corporation’s troops at their birthplace, The Hive. Milla Jovovich stars in the one hour and forty-six minute horror film based on the hit video game franchise. The action/adventure film is rated R for violence.

The multiple lives of a canine companion are seen in A Dog’s Purpose. The PG family film is based on W. Bruce Cameron‘s best-selling novel of the same name. The film takes place over the course of many years and showcases the different relationships between owner and pet. The stories of love, laughs and tears are shared through the dog’s point of view. The comedic adventure runs for one hour and forty minutes.

The adventures continue next week with the release of the drama The Space Between Us. Another installment in The Ring horror film series will also debut on Feb. 3.

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